Why is Minecraft no sound or no sound? – Fixed no sound in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the best games that have been created in all of history, it allows its players to edit whatever it is ( you can literally make and put minigames in Minecraft , and even make or create a skin ). However, while this is a good thing, it can sometimes backfire by causing glitches; With that in mind, today we will answer Why does Minecraft have no sound or cannot be heard?

Why does Minecraft have no sound or cannot be heard? – Solution no Sound in Minecraft

If a terrible bug is going to be talked about in a game, it is obvious that the sound bug is the worst, either because the video game starts to sound ugly or directly stops being heard altogether. This is one of the biggest problems because it literally ruins almost the entire experience of the title, so here is how to fix it.

Why is Minecraft no sound or no sound?

So you can know the answer to the question Why does Minecraft have no sound or no sound? and therefore solve the problem with the sound in Minecraft , first you have to know the answer to it. For this reason, today you will see each of the most common and well-known errors separately, as well as their solutions, so that you can achieve a better understanding of the subject and can end your problem effectively.

The texture pack

One of the most common failures for which this problem occurs is due to the texture pack that you have installed (it may be the one that comes by default), for some unknown reason this affects the game, leaving it without sound .


The solution is to reload said pack, to achieve this you only have to use the key combination: f3 + T or F3 + S within the game, (both serve depending on the version of the game you have).

By pressing this combination you will notice that the game will slow down for a moment and then all the textures will reload, with that it will begin to play.

Optifine mipmap levels

Sometimes installing the Optifine can create a glitch that causes your game to lose sound. To solve the same, you can try changing the level of the mipmap.

This option is found below the ” Quality ” button in the ” Options ” section. And you can edit or change it just by pressing it. Once your game has recovered the sound, place it as it was before.

Game sound on PC

In many cases the problem may be due to the fact that Minecraft is silenced on your computer and you do not realize it. To fix this, you just have to go to the sound icon in your toolbar and then click on the mixer, if the Minecraft appears silently, put sound back on it.

Simpler but just as effective solutions

With the above named you should have already been able to solve the question Why does Minecraft have no sound or cannot be heard? , and also your problem should not exist. But if it persists, you can always try other simpler solutions.


The first is to uninstall and reinstall the game, this may sound silly but sometimes the files get corrupted and the only way to fix it is by reinstalling the game from 0.

You can also try updating your java version to the latest one. Remember that Minecraft works hand in hand with this one , so if it is out of date it can generate several bugs or errors.

Finally, deactivate your Windows protector or change the security settings, as in many cases this can consider the game’s sound pack updates as dangerous, which will cause it to block them and the game will lose sound.

And voila, with what you read you should be able to eliminate the problem from your life, so the question Why does Minecraft have no sound or cannot be heard? , It has already been answered, now go to the game and solve the error so that the fun returns in the oflline mode and of course also when playing multiplayer or with two people or more .


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