Why is Mercadona not listed on the stock market?

Have you ever wondered why Mercadona is not listed on the stock market? Where is it listed then? Today we will answer these questions briefly.

What is the stock market?

As its name indicates, the stock exchange is a space through which brokers, authorized by their clients, carry out negotiations. These negotiations are effectively the purchase and sale of securities , which commonly translates into the negotiation of shares and other aspects of the companies.

The values refer specifically to the partial , well-defined rights that a person / company has over an organization / company. These securities are usually shares, so shares are just small portions / titles that a person owns on a company.

Shares are a delimited portion properly divided from the company’s capital stock. For this reason, it is often said that having a large number of shares in a company represents a higher degree of power , compared to those who own fewer shares.

In any case, everything related to the stock market is complex, which is why it is important to know the functions and objectives of the stock market in the market , in order to better assimilate this information.

What is the IBex 35?

IBex 35 specifically refers to the 35 companies with the highest number of trades on the Spanish stock market. The IBex 35 would see the light on January 14, 1992 and has shown exponential growth. Today it is said that the companies that make up the IBex 25 exceed € 650,000,000,000 of capitalization.

For this reason we can say that the companies present in the IBex of 35 are considered among the most successful in Spain. Seeing names like Santander, BBVA, Telefónica, Inditex or Mapfre, among others, is common. In any case, you will never see Mercadona on this list.

It might seem somewhat contradictory, since Mercadona is one of the most traditional and successful companies in Spain . Even so, Mercadona is not listed on the stock market and is not present on the IBex 35. This is possibly due to the fact that there are advantages and disadvantages of investing money in stock exchanges , but we will talk about this below.

Why is Mercadona not listed on the stock market? Where is it listed then?

It is already a fact, many know that Mercadona is not listed on the stock market , but it is not the only company that is not present in this fiscal year. In fact, El Corte Inglés is not listed on the stock market either, this might seem contradictory, but it has many reasons for being.

Owners have the most control

In the case of Mercadona, its history and its founder speak a lot about the company, since Juan Roig is the one who has the greatest command of the company. Juan Roig is the heir to one of the largest companies in Spain and since 1981, he acquired the company and took main responsibility for it.

Juan Roig and his brothers are the ones who have practically total control of the company and have not needed the capital of others. This being one of the main reasons why Mercadona is not listed on the stock market.

Participating in the stock market entails some sacrifices

When stocks are sold on the stock market, the subsequent profits must somehow be shared. The shareholders become investors, for which the managers are responsible for responding equitably among the members. In addition, the largest shareholders of companies tend to have judgment in the decisions that are made, becoming partners.

So where is Mercadona listed?

As we pointed out before, Mercadona is not listed, in fact, the company does not need to be listed on the stock market . Mercadona is one of the companies with the largest capital in the Spanish nation, which means that it can make investments without major problems.

The fact of handling large amounts of capital means that the company does not need to be listed on any stock market. This is also due in large part to how many Mercadona supermarkets there are in Spain and how many employees it currently has, in other words, it is already an established company that does not require investment.

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