Why is it important to have a Coppel card?

Credit cards are a very effective means of payment when making purchases and payments. It is a very useful tool, when we make purchases online or directly in a commercial establishment. Having a credit card offers its advantages, because it saves us time and they are very practical to be able to acquire what we need, when we do not have enough money. Currently some establishments offer these services, among them are Coppel. Now, what are the advantages of having a Coppel card? Keep reading and know its advantages.

Why is it Important to Have a Coppel Card? Know all the advantages

Coppel card

Coppel is a Mexican company that, through its department stores, offers the purchase of its products on credit. The Coppel credit card allows its users to buy, through its department stores or through its online store.

Through the Coppel card you can buy small products up to electrical appliances , however with its new Coppel Pay service, you can make your payments.

If you pay on time within six months, you can have the option of credit for other services in affiliated stores. Those services include medical expenses, going on vacation, and even fixing your car. It is worth mentioning that the request for credit in Mexico is still low, however this company offers an alternative to improve the economy of Mexicans.

Like all credit cards, it has a credit limit and a cut-off date. It must be canceled before the set date and they give 50 days to cancel between the cut-off date and the deadline.

Advantages of having it

Having a Coppel credit card is very easy, considering that it offers you many advantages. Here are the most outstanding ones:

  • To apply for this Coppel card, you must have a minimum income of 4 thousand pesos.
  • You can get it without many requirements or credit history .
  • There is no annual charge for the holder and additional.
  • It offers the advantage of withdrawing money at RED ATMs.
  • You can check the balance and payments through online banking.
  • You can delay your purchases, withdraw money or balance from your card through a fixed payment condition.
  • By paying in 30 days you save interest and not only that, you can pay the cash price of the purchased product.
  • You get cash credit up to 25 thousand pesos.
  • They give you discounts at affiliated stores

Requirements to have a Coppel card:

Like any credit card to process it, it requires some requirements , however there are not many that Coppel asks for. Which are the following:

  •  You must be of legal age.
  • Updated identification.
  •  If you are a foreigner, the passport or the FM2 immigration document.
  •  Proof of residence or current address, it should not be more than 3 months.
  • Proof of income, this requirement is optional.
  •  You must sign the Multiple Credit Opening contract

The Coppel card is a payment instrument that offers many advantages to its users , which is why it is important to have one. It allows you to buy on credit from small products to household appliances, whether you buy in one of its establishments or through its online stores.

This card offers you payment facilities and if you pay on time within six months, you can have the option of credit for other services in affiliated stores and even request a loan. Among those services, medical expenses, going on vacation and even fixing your car. Let us know your opinion on this article, remember to use appropriate language and share this information with your family and friends.


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