Why is Gandhi Jayanti celebrated and what is its significance?

Why is Gandhi Jayanti celebrated ? The land of India is the land of saints, mahatmas, religions and thinkers. One of them was our great leader, our Mahatma Gandhi ji, who gave freedom to our country by following the principles of truth and non-violence. He is also addressed to the “Father of the Nation” of India because of his matchless contribution to independence.

Mahatma Gandhi was given the title of Father of the Nation by Subhash Chandra Bose. Every year in India, Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on his own birthday to pay homage to Gandhiji .

What is the history of October 2 , you all know that Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on this day. But do you know why Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated and what is its significance? Today I am going to tell you through this article why Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated.

Why Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated – Why Gandhi Jayanti is Celebrated in Hindi

Mahatma Gandhi was a great and outstanding personality of India who still inspires the people of the country and abroad due to his legacy of greatness, idealism and great life. Gandhiji’s full name was Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi, affectionately called him Bapu.

He used to worry about all the countrymen like his father. This is why his name Bapu became popular. He was born on 2 October 1869 at a place called Porbandar in Kathiawar, Gujarat. They were very ordinary children since childhood.

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Gandhiji was a priest of truth. He adopted the true form of truth in life. Geeta had a profound influence on Gandhiji’s personality. When he saw truth being lost everywhere in society life, his heart was filled with sorrow.

Therefore, he decided to fight against every untruth. India had become a slave to the British, so after his arrival in India, Gandhiji started helping the Indian people facing various problems by the British rule.

A lawyer by profession, Gandhi left the law to adopt a non-violent resistance to lead a successful campaign for India’s independence from British rule.

He started the non-violence freedom movement to fight against the injustice of the British. According to him, for the fight of freedom from British rule, non-violence and truth is a matra weapon. Gandhi woke up the public to stop the exploitation of the British.

He gave the people new weapons like renunciation, strike on the strength of austerity, siege, satyagraha, fast unto death, non-cooperation movement. These weapons worked wonders, the British government’s sleep in the night vanished. The whole society thrived on the path indicated by Gandhiji.

Gandhiji played the biggest role in liberating slave India. As a great freedom fighter, he was arrested and jailed several times, but he continued to fight against British rule for the justice of Indians. He believed in non-violence and unity of people of all religions, which he followed during the freedom struggle.

After the sacrifice of many Indians, he finally succeeded in making India an independent country on 15 August 1947. The non-cooperation movement launched by him, leave India movement will remain immortal in the history of India.

In India and around the world, Mahatma Gandhi is praised as the best ideal to live life with a simple life, simplicity and dedication, his principles have been adopted by the whole world, his life itself is an inspiration. That is why on his birthday i.e. Gandhi Jayanti, 2 October is celebrated as a national holiday.

This day is to commemorate his birth as well as his life which serves as a guide for many people in India as well as all over the world.

Mahatma Gandhi wanted that every person living in society should get equal status and rights irrespective of their gender, religion, color or caste.

He used Satyagraha to improve the condition of the people and bring social justice in areas like universal education, women’s rights, community unity, poverty alleviation, promotion of Khadi, etc.

What is the significance of Gandhi Jayanti?

Mahatma Gandhi believed that weapons and non-violence could not solve any problem. On the contrary, it increases the space to reduce problems more. Violence is a means of spreading hatred, fear and anger among people.

Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution towards teaching peace and non-violence to this world is parallel. Their education is that all kinds of conflicts should be resolved with non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi’s movement was not limited only to the freedom of the country from foreign oppressors, he also fought against evils like caste system, untouchability in the society and created awareness about equality and brotherhood in the society.

His idea of ​​non-violence is still important in many ways. The United Nations General Assembly declared 15 June 2007 as the International Day of Non-Violence , the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who believed in building a new society through non-violence, honest and clean practices .

From Champaran to Dandi, Mahatma Gandhi led mass movements in simple ways and the British wondered how to deal with non-violent ways of protesting him. This was the beauty of her Ahimsa and India is always indebted for her contribution.

On the day there will be no violence in the world and we will solve every problem peacefully without causing any harm to anyone and without shedding a single drop of blood, only then will there be a true tribute to Mahatma Gandhi from our side.

This year, the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi will be celebrated in India and his thoughts will be reconsidered and pledged to follow the path shown by the great leader of the Indian people.

Shayari on Gandhi Jayanti (Shayari on Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti in Hindi)

Like every year, this year too, Gandhi Jayanti will  be celebrated with full gaiety at Delhi’s Rajghat on October 2, 2020 . On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti to your family and friends, send poetry on Gandhi Jayanti to remember the ideals they have told .

Poetry on Mahatma Gandhi

The truth was that of non-violence, the priest
who never gave up
his breath gave us the people of freedom,
whose blessings are thankful
to all of you on Gandhi Jayanti.

Gandhi Jayanti Shayari

The one who liberated the country,
who taught the lesson of non-violence to the whole of India,
who told the importance of Indian culture,
which took away the foreign culture, the
same great man called Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi
, warm greetings to all of you on Gandhi Jayanti.

Shayari of mahatma gandhi

Just remember this in life,
always keep the truth and hard work together,
Bapu is with you, every child
is there , wherever the truth is , they live there.
Happy Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti.

Mahatma Gandhi Sher Shayari

For the country that had rejected Vilas,
he had renounced foreign threads, he himself had made a gulf,
the wooden slippers of Pahan, who had spoken the rapture of Satyagraha,
was called Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma gandhi shayari in hindi

Taking the weapon of truth,
and the weapon of non-violence,
you saved your country,
drove the whites away,
loved the enemy, did
favors on humans.
Salutations to you while Gandhi,
Prem Suman to make you climb.

Gandhiji’s name will always be inscribed on the golden pages of the history of Indian freedom struggle. He was one of the great men not only of our country but of the world. I hope you get this article from “Why do you celebrate Gandhi Jayanti and what is its significance?” Both these things must have been understood. If you like this article, then share it with your friends as much as possible.


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