Why Importance Of English In Pakistan is good for everyone

We cannot deny the Importance of English in Pakistan. English has been playing an important role in our educational system as well as in our national life. English was the superior language in the pre-independent India-Pakistan. It was the language of all sectors, a compulsory subject at the school and college, and the medium of instruction for some subjects during the reign of UNITED KINGDOM in India. English still takes an important place in our educational system and life of in our country at both official and administrative levels.

Now we can see the importance of English in courts, commerce and industry, schools, college, job seekers, companies, organizations, public speeches, scientific books, academic books etc.

Pakistan it is our major resource on the modern world. Under such circumstances, we can neglect the study of English at our own.

After partition, the English left India for good. Just after the independence, English got a series challenge from some of our people. They advocated that English should quit our country with the English. But today again English has got so much importance of English in Pakistan. It plays an important role in our national life and education subjects. Following are the some logical reasons.

Everyone loves Importance Of English In Pakistan

  • English: Language of Administration & Courts:

English is the language of our administrative offices and superior courts. As such it dominates the administrative and legal life of our country.

  • Trade & Industry:

English also dominates the fields of commerce and industry in the country. Most of the work, in these fields in carried on in English. For example protection and checking of accounts, auditing rules and bank reconciliation statements are done in English language.

            Social life:

English plays an important role in the social life of the  country. The highly educated and sophisticated sections of our society find it more convenient to talk in English; they write letters in English. Marriages and other parties’ invitation cards are mostly oriented in English. Most of the educated people put their signatures in English.

  • English: A Window on the Modem World:

“English is our major communicating tool on the modern world.” English is a communication power through which we can see the scientific, technological, agricultural and commercial development taking place in the world. English is only language through which we can access of modern knowledge in all fields of human activity.

  • English: A library Language

English is the key of the storehouses of knowledge. Most of this knowledge is not yet available in our local languages. It is in this context that the importance of English as a library language becomes important in our country. It is only language through which maximum; knowledge can be imparted to students. English is sure to play a vital role in higher education as an important library language.

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