Why Immediate Constituent Analysis Is Always Best Method

Immediate Constituent Analysis is one of the best method of sentence analysis. During the past fifty years modern linguistics has developed an impressive array of procedures, and number of theories of linguistic or syntactic analysis. What had been in the past of interest mainly to the pedagogue and linguistic historian has become a major concern of philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, logicians, communication theorists and even biologists.

It would not be possible, even in a article devoted entirely to the subject, to give a complete picture of this development. Hence only a brief discussion on various systems or methods of procedures of syntactic analysis known as ’syntactic models’ is given in the following pages.

Immediate Constituent Analysis is one of the strong methods of analyzing a sentence linguistically. It aims at finding out the ultimate constituents of a sentence and their relationship with one another. The constituents are nothing but actually the morphemes or which when structured into successive utterances (sentences). It is the development and study of these constituents which has come to be known as Immediate Constituent Analysis or IC analysis. The theory of  (IC)  was first given by  Bloomfield in his famous linguistics book and described the way in which it was feasible to take a sentence (Poor John ran away) and can be  split it up into two immediate constituents (Poor John and ran away),So in this format we can see the sentence not only as a sequence of elements. (Poor+ John+ ran+ away) but also, about as being made Up of split up  layers’ of constituents, each cutting points, we can understand this in the diagram given below.




Subject                       Predicate



Adjective        Noun                   Verb          Paricle



Poor               John                   ran               away

Or another write (Unlabelled IC analysis)

Poor               John              ran                away




Adjective        Noun            Verb          Particle



Subject                      Predicate

 Immediate Constituent Analysis Is Important in Sentence Analysis

So the IC analysis attempts to break down constituents into sub parts that are in some sense grammatically relevant. In this analysis we ask question: what are the constituents of a paragraph? And how are they organized?

The above sentence is made up of four morphs which may be defined as the minimum significant, syntactic units:

Poor         john    ran   away

  1                2         3        4

Now these morphemes can be called perfect constituents of the sentence. The expression perfect constituents suggest us these elements cannot be further implied at syntactic level. If we want to further analyze them we will have to enter the structure of phones and phonology. They are seen immediate because there are no arbitrate or intervening entities between them. These constituents have been systematically organized in a particular sequence in the sentence.

Away John poor ran.

Each human language has own format and system of organizing morphemes in its sentences. Indeed Each language has its own linear structure. The chronological order of the ultimate constituents is called the linear structure of the sentence.. The morphemes (which are also words in this sentence) ‘poor’ and ‘.John’ ‘ran’ and ‘away’ are tied together. These groups of words which go collectively are called Phrases. Thus morphemes, words, phrases and clauses are all constituents of sentences though all of them are not ultimate (ultimate constituents are only morphemes).The’ phrasal relationship of the various constituents of the above sentence can be shown in the following manner.

My father will come next year

This relation can be shown in brackets as well :)

You can see this relationship in brackets as:

[(My father)    (will go)    (this year)]

So we can see easily, these brackets show that the immediate constituents of sentences are: my father and will go next year. The initial emphasis are my and father. The immediate constituents of will go this year are will go and this year. The idea behind this segmentation is that divide the sentence into constituent element for to find out smallest unit of morpheme in the sentence. This division can be applied in binary, because these are organized in a linear structure. This type of analysis of sentences is called immediate constituents analysis in the study of linguistics.

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