Why Dussehra Is Celebrated In India

Why Dussehra is celebrated or the importance of Vijayadashami, legend, poetry and poetry

This festival of Dussehra is also called Vijayadashami, it is called festival of celebrations. In today’s times, it symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Evil can be in any form like anger, untruth, hatred, jealousy, sorrow, laziness etc. The elimination of any internal evil is also a self-victory and we should celebrate this day on Vijay Dashami every year by eliminating such evil from ourselves, so that one day we can rule all our senses.

Dussehra or Vijayadashmee importance ( Dussehra Or Vijayadashami  Significance  )

It is a festival celebrating the victory of good conduct over bad conduct. Dussehra is generally a festival celebrated as a victory celebration. The recognition of celebrations varies from person to person. For farmers, it is a celebration of new crops coming home. In olden times, tools and weapons were worshiped on this day, because they saw it as a celebration of victory in war. But the only reason behind all this is the victory of good over evil. It is a celebration of the harvest that came in the form of a hard-won victory for the farmers and a victory for the soldiers in the battle over the enemy.

When is Dussehra in 2021? (Dussehra 2021 Date):

It is celebrated on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. After nine days of Navratri, Dussehra or Vijayadashami is celebrated as Vijay Parv. This year 2020 Dussehra will be celebrated on 25 October.

What is the story of Dussehra festival, why is it celebrated? (Dussehra Festival story)

There are many stories behind the day of Dussehra, the most prevalent story of which is to win the battle of Lord Rama, that is, destroy the evil of Ravana and break his pride.

Ram was a prince of the city of Ayodhya, his wife’s name was Sita and his younger brother was named Laxman. King Dasharatha was Ram’s father. Due to his wife Kaikai, all three had to leave the city of Ayodhya for fourteen years of exile. During the same exile period, Ravana kidnapped Sita .

Ravana was the great powerful king of Chaturveda, who had a gold Lanka, but he had immense ego. He was a great Shiva devotee and called himself an enemy of Lord Vishnu. In fact, Ravana’s father Visharva was a Brahmin and mother was a demon clan, so Ravana had the same knowledge as a Brahmin, and Ravana had an ego for the same power and the same two things. To end this, Lord Vishnu took Ramavatar.

Rama fought with Ravana to bring back his Sita, in which the monkey army and Hanuman ji supported Rama. In this war, Ravana’s younger brother Vibhishan also supported Lord Rama and in the end, Lord Rama killed Ravana and destroyed his pride.

In the form of this victory, Vijayadashami is celebrated every year. If you want to read the story of Mahabharata and Ramayana , then click.

Stories related to Dussehra festival –

1. Rama’s victory over Ravan
2. Durga Mata was victorious by killing the demon Mahisasura
3. Exile of Pandavas
4. Goddess Sati was absorbed in the fire.

How is the Shahera celebrated today? (Dussehra Festival Celebration in India)

In today’s time, Dussehra is celebrated as a medium of these mythological stories. After the end of nine days of the mother, the tenth day is celebrated as a celebration. In which Ram Leela is organized in many places, in which the actors form the characters of Ramayana and present this war of Rama-Ravana as a drama.

Dussehra Festival Mela:

In many places, this day is dirty, in which many shops and food are organized. Theatrical drama is performed in those events.

On this day, people clean their vehicles and worship them. Merchants worship their accounts. Farmers worship their animals and crops. Engineers worship their tools and their machines.

On this day, all the men and children of the house go to the Dussehra ground. There, Ravana burns the effigies of Kumbhakaran and Ravana’s son Meghnath. All the cities celebrate this mythical victory with the people. Enjoy the dirt. After that, the Shami letter, which is called gold and silver, brings it to his house. After coming to the house, women of the house, at the entrance, offer tilak and perform aarti and welcome them. It is believed that man has returned home after burning his evil, so he is welcomed. After this, that person gives shami letters and touches the feet of the elders and takes blessings. In this way, all the people of the house go to the neighborhood and relatives’ house and give Shami letters, they take blessings from the elders, give love to Chhoto and share happiness with the equal people.

If said in a row, this festival is meant to strengthen mutual relations and to increase brotherhood, in which humans meet the hate of hate and hatred in their hearts and meet each other through a festival.

In this way, this festival is counted in the biggest festival of India and it is celebrated with full enthusiasm.

There is only one emotion behind religious beliefs in our country, that is the feeling of love and virtue. This festival reminds us of the power of unity, which we are forgetting due to lack of time, in such a situation, this festival keeps us tied to our foundation.

Dussehra’s changing form

In today’s time, festivals are taking a modern form apart from their reality, which has reduced its importance somewhere or the other. like-

  • On Dussehra, it was a custom to go to another house, now these customs have taken the form of mobile calls and internet messages.
  • Shami used to carry letters without going empty handed, but now instead of sweets and gifts, they have become a festival of competition with wasteful expenditure.
  • The mythology behind Ravan Dahan was remembered, so that everyone would get a message that ego destroys the apocalypse, but now different types of firecrackers are fired, due to which the expenditure has increased. At the same time , the problem of pollution is increasingand accidents are also increasing.

Thus, the form of festivals is changing due to modernization. And somewhere, ordinary citizens are getting away from them by considering them as religious fanatics. Humans have spoiled their appearance. According to the Puranas, the form of all these festivals was very simple. There was no faith in God but in it. Today, they are getting so far away from their foundation that they are getting bitter in human mind. Human beings have started seeing them as a waste of time and money.

We all should understand this reality and celebrate festivals as simplicity. Festivals also have a special contribution in keeping the country’s economic system smooth, so we should celebrate all festivals.

Poem and poetry on Dussehra (Dussehra Kavita Shayari in Hindi)

  • The form of evil is now corrupt , the leaders are oppressed as Ravana , who will become Rama in this country like Lanka , now here are just adulterated behavior


  • In this country of festivals , every festival belongs to celebrate its love with love and create its glory.


  • Chant the name of Ram, this ego is perishable, who destroyed Ravana, he is the person of Ayodhya.


  • Victory of good over evil, victory of truth over lies on important not stop properties are only learned of the Day


  • Every festival brings out the need of human beings at the rate of God in life, everyone’s greetings in life are congratulations, congratulations Dussehra festival


  • Ramp rule spread by destroying the unrighteous, today vows will eradicate all evil

Rule over the senses


  • Cross Lanka in search of Mother Sita made all weak confidence ego Breaking General overrated save the afflicted


  • Born in the image of an ordinary man, made everyone aware of the efforts of Dushananda, spread the destruction of the ego and light of justice and religion

The spirit of the teacher who taught

He said the behavior of friendship

Ramayana Purana was interesting

Who taught life knowledge.

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