Why doesn’t my computer recognize the micro SD memory

If you work in the world of technology, it is common that you have different ways of storing your information. One of the most common are micro SD cards, if for some reason it appears as damaged or your computer does not recognize the SD memory, discover here certain solutions for that problem.

A micro SD card is a tool very similar to a hard disk , with the difference that these are devices for external use. This means that they are generally more exposed to variations in energy or environmental situations.

In addition to their structure, they tend to be more sensitive to the corruption or damage of some data. But do not despair, read on so that you know how to fix that your computer does not recognize the SD memory.

Micro SD cards tend to be very delicate devices and you can also have the problem that your mobile device such as Xiaomi does not recognize micro SD cards.

What is a Micro SD card?

Micro SD memory cards are just one of many different types of SD memory out there. SD stands for Secure Digital , and these are used to be inserted in different digital devices with the aim of expanding their storage capacity.

As the name implies, micro cards are the smallest of this classification, measuring fifteen by eleven millimeters in size and only one millimeter wide. They are most commonly used on phones and tablets . Within the micro SD cards there is also a classification, since they do not all serve the same purpose.

When acquiring a micro SD card it is important to make sure that they are original in order to avoid later problems with the saved files.

Kinds of micro SD cards

This is the classification of them and each one indicates so that each can be served according to its speed . Learn about these different versions of the micro SD card so that you are more aware of which one will work for you.

  • Class 10 UHS1, is one of the best-used formats and has a good relationship between what they offer speed and its price . They work on mobile devices.
  • Class 10 UHS3, is a higher classification and used to read multimedia files such as videos in quality formats up to 4K or 1080 fps.
  • Class A1, is a new class of micro SD cards that allows the installation of applications. With their arrival on the market, they are one of the most used by connoisseurs.

Quickly fix why your computer doesn’t recognize the SD memory

If when inserting an SD memory in the adapter that the computer has and it does not recognize or read it, the first thing you should do is the following. Make sure the memory adapter and port are not damaged .

If you have considered formatting your card because your computer does not recognize the SD memory, do not despair, that is one of the last actions to do. If the alternative didn’t work, proceed with the following methods:

  • Start by trying to fix the problem through your PC’s operating system. If it asks you to “Apply format” it is because the system recognizes it any more it cannot open it. To do this, tell the operating system to take care of recognizing the error and its possible solutions. Hz this to be able to recover the data.
  • It uses the Windows command option ” CHKDSK x: \ f “. To use it, open the system and write it, replacing the X with the letter that the OS assigned to the card.

If you carry out this process and can read the files, it is best to make a backup to or format the card or prevent it from happening again at another time . There is a way to format a micro SD card without losing the files.

If with these methods you still do not know why your computer does not recognize the SD memory, try these last steps.

It may be that the same system of your computer is the one that does not recognize the micro SD card. To find out if this is what happens, go to the device manager and assign it a different letter. If you can do this, proceed to try the previous steps to recover your micro SD card.

If after performing these procedures your computer still has problems recognizing your removable memory, there is a way to repair and recover micro SD memories.


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