Why doesn’t Instagram let you like photos?


  • Why doesn’t Instagram let you like photos?
  • ⦿ Why doesn’t Instagram let you like it?
    • ➊ Too many likes:
    • ➋ Shared your Instagram password with third party software:
    • ➌ Standard community rules violated:
  • ⦿ Why won’t Instagram let me do anything?
    • ➼ Too many followers:
    • ➼ Your account was suspected as spam:
    • ➼ Internet has been disabled:
  • ⦿ How to like someone’s post when Instagram doesn’t allow it?
    • ➼ Report a problem:
    • ➼ Wait 48 hours:
    • ➼ Change password or disable third party login:

Just liked the Instagram shot and checked that the faucet was back in place. I wondered and did it repeatedly, by clicking on the like icon, I turned off the internet, switched to wifi, nothing worked. In response, I get a popup saying ” Action blocked “.I soon realize that Instagram won’t let me like, maybe they found some sort of community violation on my account.

You would like to know what I did that blocked my account in order to match yourself with me and find a solution. Well, don’t worry, I’m here to explain why this actually happens to some users and not all. Yes, some of the people who have an older Instagram or brand profile are not blocked by the same actions.

I looked at many things and finally listed all of them in this article to understand why Instagram won’t let me like anyone else on Instagram and how I solved this problem.
When you are banned from Instagram for repetitive activities, you have very few and limited options to act in such a critical situation. Instagram has an option where you can report any issue by clicking this button in your Instagram account settings. In addition, I found out that in 1-2 days the problem will be solved.

But if you are still facing the problem after this period of time, or want to get rid of the problem knowing why it happened to you, in this guide, I will give you some solutions to fix blocking and like Instagram posts again. .

Why doesn’t Instagram let you like photos?

If you see the “Action blocked” message when you try to like someone’s photos, it might be because your activity was blocked on Instagram due to spam that Instagram found on your account.

If you have violated any community standards that are considered abuse on Instagram, your Instagram will be temporarily banned for a limited period of time where you will not be able to take any action on your Instagram. This also happens when you use a third party tool to perform any specific activity that is illegal on Instagram and this will result in your account being temporarily banned which prevents you from liking and following anyone on Instagram.

When you see a blocked action message on your Instagram account, the issue will be fixed automatically after a certain period of time that Instagram will set up for your account. Keep in mind that the action is only taken to prevent spam on the Instagram server in order to protect your account in the future from some other third party bots.

Here in this article, I will name some of the best features to use in order to avoid such situations in the future that you will not encounter on Instagram again.

⦿ Why doesn’t Instagram let you like it?

Now the detailed guide is starting to figure out why it happens when you can’t like someone’s Instagram photos. If you have already downloaded too many posts or liked a lot of Instagram images, saved them in your archive, then Instagram will block your activities, in which you will not be able to do anything in your Instagram account, even if you just like someone’s post or you follow per person. No, don’t worry about the problem, I will provide fixes for such problem to get rid of such situation in the future.

➊ Too many likes:

If you just liked too many posts on Instagram, Instagram will consider it spam and block you from further use. Now, if you see a blocked action popup every time you tap on your device, you are confirming that the action is blocked for all cases, such as following an Instagram upload.

If you can still follow someone but you don’t like the posts, then it’s a partial ban placed on your Instagram account that will be automatically deleted after a certain period of time, and such a ban actually remains for a maximum of 72 hours. So, what you should do in this case is just wait until Instagram automatically restores your access to your liked posts again.

➋ Shared your Instagram password with third party software:

If you simply shared your Instagram account details with a third party tool to automatically like any post about yourself, then this action will result in your account being temporarily banned and you may not like some posts on Instagram.

You would like to know how it is when you share your Instagram login details with third party tools to automatically like your Instagram posts, the same app will use your account in this work to like other users posts and that is so Instagram considers your account as a spam account or a bot account and block, preventing your account from posting, liking any further posts on Instagram. Do not share your account details with such a third party tool and if you have, just change your Instagram password immediately to avoid being blocked again.

➌ Standard community rules violated:

You would not know how you violated Instagram by posting videos or photos on Instagram. To find out, you must know the standard Instagram community or abuse rules. Please be aware that community standards regarding rules of abuse are the same for all social media platforms, maybe slightly different. The standard community rules clearly state that if your posts affect someone’s prestige or damage someone’s image, then it is against community standards, even if they are illegal posts in a particular community that damage their image in the social sphere, your messages may be deleted and your account may be temporarily suspended for such actions.
? Correction:

simple fixes for this, you have to take a few precautions:

  1. If you’re new to Instagram, don’t abuse your Instagram account by liking or followingsomeone because Instagram sees it as spam and blocks you. for a temporary period.
  2. Don’t post anything that goes against the community guidelines and is flagged as abusive. If you have such existing posts, simply delete them and then hit “Report a Problem” on Instagram to fix it.
  3. Don’t use third party tools and don’t give your credentials to such apps to avoid getting your Instagram account locked if you have done it before, just change your Instagram password and add a second layer of security.

⦿ Why won’t Instagram let me do anything?

If you are unable to follow someone on Instagram, there are many reasons why Instagram restricts your activities to follow someone on Instagram, and this situation occurs when Instagram suspects your activity and perceives it as a spam account. In order for you to overcome this situation, I will tell you the exact reasons why you should take care and follow the guide correctly in order to make a difference. Either you’ve followed too many people lately, or you’re excessively liking or sharing someone’s Instagram posts, this will result in your account being temporarily banned. Now let’s find out what it actually is and a detailed description to it:

➼ Too many followers:

You can follow a certain number of people on Instagram daily, and if you abuse this authority, your Instagram account will be banned for a few hours, maybe a week. Now, if you follow random people on Instagram, then Instagram will accept it, since you have to increase the number of followers of others, and you will be pitted against yourself as a bot, not a person. In this case, Instagram will restrict your access, preventing you from following other people on Instagram. So, if you’re over-following people on Instagram, just reduce the frequency of doing it every day.

➼ Your account was suspected as spam:

If your account is suspected of being spam, Instagram will block you temporarily or permanently. In both cases, you are prohibited from performing any action on Instagram, and when you try to follow or like someone’s photos, Instagram will show you a popup saying “Action blocked”.

This situation occurs when Instagram considers your account to be spam or abusive, and in order to understand this, you must know the standard Instagram Community Rules, in which you will learn what to post on Instagram and what not. In case of excessive use of your Instagram account, you may see a pop-up window in your account. Remember that the problem exists for a limited period of time, in a few days the restrictions will be lifted, and you will be able to follow and like other people’s posts.

➼ Internet has been disabled:

This is a completely different metric that you will get if you have a very slow internet connection. Whenever you like or follow someone on Instagram and you see that you did it successfully and after a while whenever you check this next list you don’t see them in this list. Now if you see a request on the next button for some people, then it might be due to the confirmation received from the person you are following, but if you see “Following” but after sometimes they disappear, then it’s out -for your internet connection, which was not working at the time.
? Correction:

The best solution to such a problem is, first of all, checking the health of the Internet connection. If you see any “Requested” option on their profile that you follow, requested means you need to wait until the person allows you to enter their follower list. If you see a popup that is blocked by your action, then you need to wait a bit or report a problem to Instagram in order to fix such issues.

⦿ How to like someone’s post when Instagram doesn’t allow it?

If you want to like someone’s Instagram post when Instagram allows you to do so, you need to choose options that can be helpful in doing so. Although you are blocked, remember that Instagram will not block anyone familiar with the guidelines if you are blocked, this may be due to some of the restrictions that I have already described in this article, and now I am reading the fix for this instantly for your Instagram.

➼ Report a problem:

You will see the ” Report a problem ” option in your Instagram settings, you need to click on this option if you face any issue on your Instagram account. This option is entered in the Instagram settings to report any errors in their system and Instagram will make sure to take action if this happens from their server by mistake, once you request through this option. Now the problem report may take some time to resolve this issue if you haven’t done anything wrong with your account.

➼ Wait 48 hours:

If you have time, just wait at least two to three days to restore your account to its previous state. This is the recommended method if you see nothing working on your account. Because sometimes Instagram doesn’t ban the account permanently, but temporarily, and just wait a few days, you will see that access to your Instagram account is restored and you can do all the things you used to do. previously. This time, keep in mind that you should not overuse your Instagram account to like posts or follow random people on Instagram.

➼ Change password or disable third party login:

If you have ever used any third party tool to log in or post anything on Instagram, avoid similar actions in the future. If you have used your Instagram login credentials in any third-party apps, just delete your login from there and do not repeat such steps again, for security reasons, just urgently change your Instagram password.

If you see that you don’t like the post of others or you can’t follow someone on Instagram, it may be due to an error of the Instagram server or due to excessive activity on Instagram, then you will be temporarily blocked and such an issue will be automatically cleared after a few seconds. days.


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