Why Doesn’t Instagram Find Music?

You were about to upload a story to  Instagram , but suddenly you noticed that  Instagram can’t find the music ? What to do? Well, I want to reassure you right away by telling you that there are several solutions to fix this error. But let’s go in order and begin to find out what is the main reason that does not allow us to view music on the social network Instagram.

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  • 1Why can’t Instagram find music? 
  • 2Update the app
  • 3Make sure you have searched for the name correctly
  • 4Reinstall the Instagram app
  • 5Free up cache memory and storage space
  • 6Try a different song
  • 7Switch from business account to personal account
  • 8Conclusions

Why can’t Instagram find the music? 

The main reason Instagram can’t find music sometimes is due to a temporary bug in the app. However, it must be said that sometimes you may not be able to find the music you are looking for because it may have been removed in the Instagram library. 

Now that we have a more detailed view for which you can’t find songs on Instagram, let’s move on to see what the possible solutions are.

Update the app

The simplest and most immediate solution to implement when you can’t find songs on Instagram is to update Instagram.

To update Instagram go to the play store, or apple store, search instagram, and click on update app (if visible). As already mentioned at the beginning of the guide, one of the main reasons is due to a temporary bug, updating the app will allow you to solve everything in a short time.

Make sure you’ve searched for the name correctly

Music within Instagram is probably one of the most used features. The social network is constantly working to make improvements, especially in the music department where users from all over the world search to add their favorite songs within their contents.

Within the Instagram search bar we have the possibility to find any type of song, but nevertheless, it must be borne in mind that Instagram cannot find the song within the music library if the user types in the name of the song incorrectly.

So, before proceeding to search for further solutions, make sure you have entered the name correctly in the search bar of the music library.

Install the Instagram app again

If after trying the methods described above you can’t find the music, or the music search bar inside the music sticker doesn’t work, I suggest you uninstall the app and install it again.

I want to reassure you right away by telling you that you will not lose any account, and all your accounts and preferences will remain as they are. Once the app is installed again, log in with your account and check if Instagram can find the music.

Free up cache memory and storage space

If after uninstalling and reinstalling the app, you still can’t find the music, try deleting the instagram cache and storage.

Before proceeding with this procedure, make sure you have kept and remember all the access data of the apps on your mobile phone. This is because the procedure we are going to carry out will also delete the cache of the other apps on your phone, so passwords, emails, etc.

To free cache memory:

  1. Press and hold the instagram app for a few seconds
  2. Click on app info
  3. Now click on forced shutdown
  4. Then click on Storage and Cache.
  5. Now uninstall the app and install it again.

Try a different song

If you are looking for a not very popular song, the reason Instagram can’t find the music you type may be because the song itself is missing from the music library.

Every month Instagram records billions of active users, each of whom uses and takes advantage of all the features of the app. As the number of songs is always growing steadily, it may sometimes happen that the music is not currently available, or it will be added later.

What you should do is try to search for another music, perhaps a song that you have previously added, so as to check if it is a temporary problem of the app, or the song is not available in the Instagram music library. .

Switch from business account to personal account

If all the solutions you have tried so far have not helped you solve this problem, there is one more thing you need to know.

If you have an Instagram business account, you will have restrictions on the use of music, due to copyright infringement that could emerge while using it within your content. If you wish to continue using your business account, then I am sorry to inform you that there is no other solution to use the music in the library.

Otherwise, if using licensed music is one of your priorities, then you just have to switch from your business Instagram account to your personal one.


With this last solution we have reached the end of this guide dedicated to the various solutions to be taken when Instagram does not find the music . I hope that at least one of this solution has been of help to you and that now you will be able to use the music on instagram to enrich your content again.


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