Why does WhatsApp Web disconnect when I lock or turn off my mobile screen?

WhatsApp Web is a communication tool that is part of the multiple functions that the instant messaging application WhatsApp Messenger offers to all its users.

This is basically about being able to access your usual WhatsApp account , through a computer or tablet, by entering the official page where you must scan a QR code from the WhatsApp application on your mobile.

That’s right, without having to download an additional application on your computer or tablet or on your mobile, you can easily log into WhatsApp Web . Without a doubt, it is a very useful tool for all WhatsApp Messenger users, since you will be able to enjoy almost all the functions that the WhatsApp Messenger application offers, from the comfort of your PC.

It is a great benefit for people who work from a computer and need to keep in touch through WhatsApp , as they will have all this together on one screen without having to take their mobile.

However, to use WhatsApp web you must take into account certain things, the main one is that both the mobile where you have the WhatsApp Messenger application installed, as well as the computer from which you are going to open WhatsApp web, must have a good internet connection.

Why does WhatsApp Web disconnect when I lock or turn off my mobile screen?

WhatsApp web, being a separate tool from the WhatsApp Messenger application , but which also works hand in hand with it, it needs to have a one hundred percent stable connection both with the internet and with the mobile that has the WhatsApp Messenger application.

There are different factors that can make WhatsApp web close itself at all times . One of the most common is the blocking of the mobile or the suspension of the mobile screen, that is, when the screen turns off.

Although we know, we can configure the screen suspension time ourselves according to the parameters of the mobile configuration. However, it is no secret to anyone that the screen on consumes the battery of the mobile.

The reason why WhatsApp web disconnects when your mobile screen is blocked or when it is turned off, is because a small interruption occurs in the internet connection that the mobile has. This happens because the mobile recognizes that screen turned off or locked, as sleep mode, that is, that nobody is using it, and in this way the same power to save battery.

Although, this is not the case with all cell phones, there are cases in which the mobile can remain completely idle and WhatsApp web will not stop working. As long as you maintain a stable internet connection, just like the computer from which WhatsApp web is running.

Solution so that WhatsApp web does not disconnect when blocking or turning off my mobile screen

Many experts have pointed out this problem as an “error” in the WhatsApp web application , since if the mobile is still connected to the internet, it should not matter if it is in sleep mode or blocked. However, this happens very often on most mobiles.

The reason this happens only on some phones, is that several of them are modified to recognize the display mode off or blocked, such as sleep mode and thus automatically suspending any internet connection, though this is temporary, as is find the mobile locked or the screen turned off.

One of the solutions is to deactivate the “energy saving” mode of the mobile, if it is activated. This will make that even being locked or with the screen turned off, the mobile maintains the internet connection normally.

Another solution in case the previous one does not work, is to go to the “settings” or “configuration” section of the mobile, then go to the option of “wifi networks”, “advanced”, after this, look for the option to “Keep Wi-Fi on at rest” and activate it so that the connection is not interrupted when the mobile is in rest.

Reasons why WhatsApp web disconnects

  • When you have a bad internet connection or its interruption.
  • When the WhatsApp platform is flawed
  • When you have WhatsApp web open on more devices than allowed
  • When the mobile has the “energy saving” mode activated
  • When the mobile crashes
  • When the mobile screen turns off or enters “sleep” mode


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