Why does the Internet disconnect when I play Streaming videos

Having a good internet connection is very important nowadays. It is the medium through which many companies operate and also what home users use to stay informed and communicate. However, sometimes problems can arise. Sometimes these failures affect the entire connection and all the devices, while at other times they only affect something in particular. In this article we are going to explain why the Internet disconnects when watching videos .

The internet disconnects when watching streaming videos

When we use the Internet to watch streaming videos or listen to music, it is very important to have a good connection. It is not only the speed of the network that matters, but also other parameters that ensure stability. This means that we must take care at all times that everything works correctly and reduce the risk of problems.

Conflict with the drivers

If we start a program to play streaming videos or use the browser and see that the Internet is cut off or we have problems of some kind, one of the causes behind it may be a conflict with the drivers. The network card drivers must always be correctly updated to ensure proper operation.

For example, it could happen that we have installed a new version of the operating system or even the software that we are using. This causes it to generate some conflict with the network card drivers and we must make sure that we also have the latest updates installed.

There is some malware on the system

There are many threats that we can find on the Internet. Many types of malware that could affect the proper functioning of computers. This also translates into failures of the network itself, loss of speed or micro-outages.

If we see that when starting a game the connection stops working correctly, it could be due to some type of malicious software . Even that app could be the problem. It is always a good idea to have security programs and to scan frequently for viruses and other threats.

The program requires a more powerful connection

It could happen that the program we use to watch streaming videos needs a more powerful Internet connection than the one we are using. In case we are using a large part of the bandwidth on other computers, uploading files to the cloud or playing streaming videos in maximum quality, when we start playing we could have problems and that translates into cuts.

Keep in mind that certain applications will require a minimum bandwidth to be used correctly. If our connection is not powerful we could suffer speed loss in other devices.

Problems with DNS servers

Another problem that could cause failures of this type on the Internet and that the connection may even disconnect are the DNS servers . As we know, we can use both those of the operator itself and others of the many on the network.

To change them in Windows 10 we have to go to the Control Panel, Networks and Internet, Network and Sharing Center, Change adapter settings, select the one that interests us, click Properties, Internet Protocol version 4, Properties again and there we can change the DNS servers you use.

Router prioritizes play through QoS

Modern routers have an interesting feature called QoS . What this feature does is give priority to certain devices or programs that may require a better Internet connection so that there are no problems.

This could cause a software that we are using to watch videos to consume many resources on our network. It is positive on the one hand, but it could also cause other devices or programs that we use to not be able to connect properly to the network. In case this is the problem, we would have to go to the router and configure it correctly to avoid giving priority to a program or equipment over other devices that could be harmed.

The antivirus or firewall blocks the connection

Security tools are very important to protect ourselves on the network and when using any program that requires a connection. We talk about the antivirus or firewall, for example. However this could also be a problem in case of a bad configuration or some problem.

That security program that we have could be blocking the connection when we open a program to watch videos or the browser itself. Luckily it is something that we can easily avoid. The normal thing is that the antivirus or firewall has a white list to add programs where they do not act.


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