Why does the Internet connect and disconnect when playing online

When we connect to the Internet, sometimes problems can arise. We can see how the signal is weak and causes it to disconnect, slow speed, poor coverage … This can happen especially when using certain tools. In this article we are going to explain why the Internet is disconnected when we play online . It is something that happens to some users and the causes are varied.

The Internet is disconnected when playing online

Some users report that when opening an online game they disconnect the Internet. This can be something constant, something that prevents even connecting to the game and being able to play, while at other times it is a problem that comes and goes or even not necessarily something that prevents playing, but simply affects the performance of the connection .

Problems with DNS servers

One of the causes may be in the DNS servers that we are using. As we know, we can make use of the ones that come with the operator, but also use many others that are available on the Internet. There are both free and paid.

Some of them may be more security and privacy oriented. It can be interesting, but at the same time cause problems in the connection and that it does not work as it should, causing even cuts when using certain tools or playing online.

Weak coverage

Undoubtedly behind the Internet cuts when we play online may be poor coverage . It is very common to connect through the wireless network. If our Wi-Fi is not powerful or we are connected too far from the access point, we can have these annoying interruptions when playing.

Something we can do is connect by cable to avoid this problem, although it is not always an option for users. We can also opt for signal amplifiers that help us improve the quality of coverage.

Bad internet speed

Behind these problems can also be a poor Internet speed . We could have a limited rate contracted that does not allow us to correctly execute video games that require a higher speed.

Even pinging or latency could also cause glitches that prevent you from playing online properly. We already know that this value is very important for certain tools and programs that we use, such as a video game.

Malware on the system

Of course, if our computer has been infected by malicious software, we could have a wide variety of problems, such as the possibility that programs connected to the Internet do not work as they should and cause failures.

We must always have a good antivirus installed to prevent the entry of threats and attacks that compromise our privacy. It is always a good idea to perform an analysis frequently to reduce the impact that malware can have when playing online.

Antivirus or firewall are interfering

We have mentioned that having a good antivirus is going to be important to avoid security problems. However, these tools, antivirus and firewalls, could also interfere with the proper functioning of certain programs or even games.

firewall can block the Internet connection that certain software receives. It could be misconfigured and cause those annoying cuts when playing online. We must therefore configure them correctly and even try to pause them to see if in this way the problems we have are solved.

VPN program does not work well

The VPN tools are very useful and increasingly used for web surfing. They allow us to encrypt the connection, hide our real IP address and even allow us to access geographically restricted pages or services.

The problem is that it could be having a negative effect on our online games. As in the case of the firewall we mentioned, a VPN could interfere with the connection and not allow us to navigate correctly or, in this case, use an application with Internet access under normal conditions.

Game server issues

One more problem that is very common is that there is some kind of error with the game’s own servers . In this case, it is not something that users can easily solve, although we can take into account the possibility of changing servers whenever possible.

We also recommend updating the games so that they can receive the latest available improvements. This way we can reduce the risk of problems that could cause a slowdown when playing or those cuts that we mentioned.


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