Why does the flame of fire have no shadow?

Why does the flame of fire have no shadow?.Since ancient times, fire has served as a universal natural source of light for people, unlike all other light sources, including electrical appliances.The flame of fire, so to speak, is intangible, it is not a densely material object. Because of this, some people are surprised and wonder why the flame lacks a shadow.The shadow from the flame is completely absent

For example, if you bring a lighted candle or match to the wall, then the shadow will be reflected only from the candle itself or that material object from which the source of the flame emanates. Despite the fact that when approaching the wall, the flame will only become brighter.And this really, at first glance, may seem to someone as something amazing and incredible. Especially those who first paid attention to such a phenomenon and did not think about it earlier.

Now I’ll tell you why this is happening. To begin with, I propose to consider the phenomenon of flame from the point of view of physics.The explanation is as follows:Physically speaking, a flame is a phenomenon caused by the glow of incandescent gases. A gaseous medium in most cases contains plasma and crushed solids, in which physicochemical transformations of reagents take place, which directly leads to luminescence, heat release and self-combustion.The gases emanating from the flame are practically transparent, so the light passing through their structure is not absorbed. It is exactly the same as going through the air.

The flame itself is perfectly visible to the human eye, since it is a source of light. But we will not be able to see the shadow from it, because, as the external light passes through it, we can say completely freely. Therefore, “whatever one may say”, the shadow from the flame of fire will be absent.


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