Why do you need a virtual card on an iPhone

In our time, you need to think more often about the security of not only your data, but also your hard-earned ones. You can complain as much as you like that banks are losing our data, but we ourselves ignore some of the features that they offer us. One of these useful functions is a virtual bank card, which you can easily create in your bank’s application. This is an excellent replacement for the usual plastic, in addition, there is no need to doubt its safety. Don’t trust online stores and little-known retail outlets? Create a virtual map! We will tell you why such a card is more convenient, safer and what you can pay with it.

We tell you why virtual cards are good and useful

Why do I need a virtual card

Banks continue to issue physical plastic cards, although the need for such media is gradually decreasing. In the end, for online shopping, you can do without it – many banks offer to release a virtual analogue in a couple of clicks. They won’t be able to steal it from you, and you can’t lose it either – only together with your smartphone. This option is convenient if you plan to make a one-time purchase in an online store, but you do not want to enter the data of the main card – a virtual card exists just for this.

A virtual card is a great option for paying for subscriptions

Do you use subscriptions to different services, but do not want to link your main bank card to them? Use virtual: paying for subscriptions is one of the main tasks of such a card. You do not have to worry that your data will end up with services, and you can enable a limit on spending on the card – they will definitely not write off too much, resetting your balance to zero. Look for more information about online security in our Yandex.Zen .

How the virtual card works

The card can be either separate or tied to an existing account or e-wallet – it can be issued directly in your personal account, the service is almost always free. Why is that? Firstly, banks do not need to waste time on issuing plastic and delivering it to you – this makes it more profitable than its physical counterpart.

A virtual card works like a regular card, but with it there is no chance of being left without money

Virtual cards are also convenient because you can add them to Apple Pay of your loved ones so that they can use your money. In the online banking application, you can create up to 5 cards – enough for the whole family. Tip: use the virtual card as transport . Top it up and link it to taxi services or pay for rides in public transport. Do you use virtual cards? Tell us what else you can use it for in our Telegram chat .

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Is the virtual card safe

No one has canceled the security of an ordinary plastic card, but the virtual analogue has even more advantages: firstly, no one will see its number or CVV code. Secondly, virtual cards are not personalized – to pay on the Internet, just enter its data, you need a name – write any. The details of the main card will remain with you – you can move it away so as not to lose it.

Virtual card can be easily blocked or reissued

The presence of a virtual card helps out in everyday use. For example, you can use it to pay for purchases in stores, withdraw money from an ATM – now you rarely find terminals without NFC. The card can be used to protect your own data from fraudsters – by paying for a purchase in a questionable place, you can block it or reissue it.

How to add a virtual card to Apple Pay

The card is convenient not only for online payments, but also in everyday life. It’s easy to add to Apple Pay . How to do it?

  • Go to the bank application and click “Open a new account or product”
  • Click “Order additional card” and choose which of the existing ones to link the virtual card to
  • Choose who you are creating the map for. If for another person, then his passport data will be needed
  • Choosing a card design is cool. You can choose the one that suits your liking / Do not forget your payment system: for example, there are many pleasant bonuses on the Mir card
  • Set a limit and display about transactions to know where money is spent
  • Follow the prompts and wait for the map to be ready. It will take no more than 5 minutes. After that, click “Add card to Apple Pay” – now you can pay for purchases in stores with it.

After you add your card to Apple Pay, you can assign it to pay for your subscriptions by going to Settings and selecting “Payment & Shipping.”

How to set up a virtual card

The virtual card is configured in the same way as a regular one. You can set a PIN code for it, enable notifications about operations. It is important to include the item “Shopping on the Internet” – once I paid for a taxi with such a card and was surprised when the payment did not go through, but there was money on the account.

The virtual card is configured as usual: all the same functions, which is very convenient

Do not forget to turn on or off the “Cash withdrawal” item – using the card, you can withdraw money from an ATM, which excludes the use of the main one. Pay attention to the limits: if they are not set, then the entire amount can be spent from the account. Conveniently, right from the application, you can block or freeze the card, as well as reissue, if necessary.

Banks want to help us in the fight against fraudsters and incomprehensible write-offs, but we stubbornly ignore their offers. A virtual card is the perfect solution to all problems. You do not need to carry it with you, it is impossible to lose it, but it is convenient to control or block it. The only drawback of the virtual card is that you will not be able to use it if your smartphone is discharged. Try to create one for yourself or your loved ones who do not have the ability to quickly respond to threats on the Internet.


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