Why Do Children Have Frequent Flu and Coughing in Growth Period?

Flu and cough can be quite disturbing and troublesome health problems. The reason is, this condition often triggers symptoms that make a person difficult. The bad news is that flu and cough are more common in children than adults. What caused it?

This turns out to be related to your little one’s immature immune system. In children, the immune system, aka immunity, has not worked, like adults. This then makes it easier for viruses and germs that cause disease to attack and then cause disease. Details are below!

Immunity and Youth

Flu aka influenza is a disease that occurs due to a viral infection of the respiratory system which includes the nose, throat and lungs. This condition usually presents with symptoms, such as fever, headache, coughing, aches, and sore throat. In children, this disease can cause your little one to become more fussy and lose his appetite.

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The symptoms that appear when a child has a cold not only trigger pain, but can also interfere with daily activities. The incubation period for the virus that causes flu is relatively short, so it can cause symptoms immediately after attacking. Flu symptoms can appear as little as one to three days after first becoming infected.

As with flu, coughs in children also occur due to viral infections of the nose, throat and sinuses. A child’s immune system is generally immature and immature, at least until the age of 7.

In addition, the child’s respiratory tract, including the ears and the surrounding area, are not fully developed, so the virus that causes disease is easier to attack.

There are many factors that can cause a child to experience flu and cough , for example, contracting it from the people around him. As colds and coughs are mild, they can actually heal on their own without the need for special treatment. In addition, over time the frequency of your little one catching a cold and coughing will usually decrease.

This is because the body starts to recognize the virus and builds defenses, so that the immune system will become stronger against it.

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Prevents Flu and Cough in Children

Because the immune system is immature, one of the best ways to prevent colds and coughs in children is to prevent exposure to the virus.

This can be started by giving him a healthy diet and understanding that he should cover his mouth and nose when sneezing. This is to avoid spreading the virus to people around you.

In addition, teach your little one to always maintain cleanliness by regularly washing hands, especially before eating and after activities. Teach children to wash their hands using soap and clean or warm water if necessary.

This can help wash away germs and bacteria that may be on your hands, and prevent them from entering your body. This is because germs and bacteria on the hands are at risk of entering the body causing disease.

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Flu and cough are common illnesses, so mothers don’t need to panic too much when their children experience them. If this disease has already attacked, be sure to treat your little one so that he gets well quickly. Treatment that can be done is to meet fluid intake, get enough rest, and take medication if needed.

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