Why Changes are necessary for our personal and professional growth

And we plan, organize, dream and life comes and says: “You can stop everything, I have news for you!”  

I begin the month of May by sharing 3 stories that led me to change, which were not in my personal and professional planning.

Scene 1 : I am told that we will have to change our business address, in a space I have been in for almost 3 years and the deadline is 2 months for the change. WOW! But how so? It was all right to continue until December. It hit that discomfort and a huge anxiety, because everything was planned, aligned and suddenly BUM, everything changed.

Scene 2 : I started a process of physical activity since November last year, but I was doing it this year, through the Corre Guria group . I was running 3km at the beginning of March and feeling like an “athlete” with the feat. See my post sharing this person, here . However, I started to feel a physical malaise, as if I would always catch the flu or as if I were in a continuous PMS, with body pain and a lot of sweat, outside of physical activities. Well, I went to the doctor and after a battery of tests and with all the results changed, I found myself diagnosed with a thyroiditis that is now being observed and treated. And for now, forbidden to run.

Scene 3: Daniel, my son, leaving home. A wish he shared 2 years ago in a family conversation, and the 2 years passed and he flew. I super supported, guided, welcomed. But the official day of the departure, I fell. Yes, I am human and I am a mother.

Lessons learned in these 3 situations:

Scene 1: Long live the planning! For without it, at a time like this, it would be much more difficult to reorganize myself. What will change with this change of route? The agenda and the address, but not the objective drawn from the planning done in October last year. I am not in favor of becoming slaves to planning, but if we have one, scares and changes like these are supported by it, giving a greater chance of success than of mistakes. May the change come! (we will soon communicate our new address)

Scene 2: . Do not do physical activities before taking your medical exams. Do not leave yourself in the background, so as not to go earlier than you want, to “another plane”. Taking care of my energy is essential for my enterprise. Time to get back to my priorities and finally I need to know how to live.

Scene 3:   These were days of organization and internal and external reorganization, for him and me. That feeling of “it looks like it was yesterday that he was born” and it was. We live in a world of things together, we learn and teach each other. We grew up as a mother and child. As human beings we learn from our differences, we do our best to ensure that our relationship is always based on transparency. But the children are raised to have their solo flight and he left for his. He left in our nest a little bit of absence, but a little bit of his ever-present loving joy. I gave the world a good man, with a pure heart, a good head, contagious joy, commitment to himself and to others, a friend for all hours, empathetic with humanity, sympathetic and washing dishes like no one else. The pain felt, his and mine, is the pain of growth. He grows with this new step and I do too.

Is that you? What lessons have you learned from the changes that have come your way? Are you out there lamenting or doing something positive with these surprises that life has in store for us?

On the next 12/05 I celebrate 6 years of Entrepreneurship Rosa , and in these years I have experienced numerous changes. They forged my character, my way of looking at entrepreneurial life and my own life. Changing hurts, but it is a necessary pain for new and good things to emerge in this beautiful journey that is life.


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