Why can’t I see 360-degree videos on my cell phone?

Since the beginning of the modern era, man has been quite clear about his horizon, since he plans to take the society of which he is part of the highest point of evolution, having as an ally his creativity and imagination, time He has shown that he has been quite capable of creating, inventing and innovating artifacts that have facilitated the way they used to live.

Among these artifacts, we could name some of the most incredible that undoubtedly revolutionized the last 200 years, among these we can name the light bulb, the telegraph, the telephone, the alternating current and the computers, all this set of artifacts and more are the pioneers of what we can know today as telephones.

Currently the phones are quite useful compared to how they were about 20 years ago, a phone of that time was very limited, they had very few functions and barely had an operating system, instead today there are different functions in our phones, be it to communicate, play, create content, entertain ourselves with live broadcasts, videos of all kinds and even be able to watch 360-degree videos.

What types of video format can be played on phones?

With the mobile devices that we have, we have infinities of functions, among these we can see the video sections, for example we can use our cell phones with virtual reality glasses, with it we can experience games of all kinds, we can also have on our phone videos in mp4 or mkv format also to play, even watch videos from Youtube or any interactive 360-degree platform .

Why can’t I see 360-degree videos on my cell phone?

This is not a new problem, it has already existed in different phones and applications, that we cannot especially reproduce 360 ​​degree videos, this may be due to many factors, due to the type of range that a gyroscope does not have in our phone , due to the application where you want to play the video in 360 degrees, among others, however, some solutions can be tried to see if it is possible to play videos in 360 degrees.


Let’s start with one of the largest applications that exist, in this case YouTube, the first thing we must do is go to our device store and see if we have the updated YouTube application, in case it is not, we update it.

If we already have our application updated, suddenly it may happen that we are not looking exactly for a 360-degree video, for this we enter the YouTube application, we go to the search engine and type # 360Video , YouTube will start a search and show us all the videos In this format, we access the video we want and move with the phone in the direction we want, if not, we move it with our finger.


With Facebook also the steps are similar to YouTube, first we must use the full version of Facebook, since the Lite version does not contain functions such as viewing images or videos in 360 degrees, in the same way to see that our version of Facebook is updated, at the moment If we get a post with a video or 360-degree image, a wheel will appear at the top that will warn us that we can move at ease.

What should I do if I’ve done all of this and so far I can’t see 360-degree videos?

In an extreme case where you have done most or absolutely all of these tips and have not been able to see a 360-degree video on your phone, the solution is unlikely, since this means that our phone does not have functions such as a gyroscope. or an accelerometer, you are currently in any of the new terminals is integrated, but if you have a somewhat old phone, then you do not have it.

But there is no need to worry, there are applications such as 360VUZ , this is available in the Google Play Store, if your terminal is Android you could download it and thus try this application, it works as a platform similar to YouTube, only in this This is especially the case for 360-degree videos, where you can watch music videos, documentaries and all kinds of content in 360 ° degrees.


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