Why can’t I open or play Dota 2? – Troubleshoot Dota 2

Dota 2 is a game with low-medium requirements , which guarantees that it can work correctly on many computers, however, it often has errors, this can be very annoying when playing, since these errors make us lose valuable time.

There are several errors, among them is the crash one, which consists in that we open the game from our Steam account, and when the box with the game logo appears, it closes suddenly, this does not let us, not even enter At the beginning, to solve this and other problems, we have a series of steps and useful tips.

Why can’t I open Dota 2?

The reasons can be several, sometimes we can have problems opening the game, because of Steam itself, since it may have an update or download queued, which does not allow us to start the game, therefore, check that there is no file downloading.

To do this, you must go to the bottom of the program where it says “downloads”, when we click it will show us all the downloads we have in the queue, if we move the mouse to the right, we will see that an “x” appears, this will cancel the download.

Another possible cause of the error, is that the game files are corrupt, so, when scanning the game data, find that they are in poor condition or that it does not work, therefore, the game does not start.

Also, it may be the case that the problem is that your computer does not have the newest drivers for its hardware, for this reason, it is always advisable to update the Drivers on your PC , to avoid errors in games or other applications.

Fix common errors in Dota 2

To solve these problems you can make use of several tools, on the one hand, if the problem is new, and you did not have it before, you can try to restart your PC , to rule out that it is a physical problem.

If this does not work, first, close Steam, once closed, go to the shortcut of the game, right click and click on ” solve compatibility problems “, this will start a scanner to detect if it is necessary to change the configuration when starting the game .

On the other hand, if you have the feeling that your files are corrupt, you must first open Steam, then go to where your games are saved, that is, in the library, and here locate the game and click on properties.

Here we must look for the section that says “local files” , we will get a list with several options, but the one we are interested in is the one called “verify data integrity”, when we click, Steam will review the base files of the game, and if they are corrupt, it will download them again, fixing the error.

Tips to avoid errors when playing

Some problems with Dota 2 may be due to performance problems, for older PCs or simply that your Hardware does not support it at all, therefore, from the properties of the shortcut, you can disable some Windows visual effects , or also adjust the resolution when running the game.

Also, you must be careful when updating the operating system , since these sometimes deactivate things that may be necessary to run the game, or at other times, if your computer is somewhat old, they deactivate these same functions, for reasons. to improve system performance.

There are cases in which when you open the game, you get a blue screen , this is one of the most serious errors, and the most scary when they happen, but this can also be due to an error with the drives you have installed, Whenever you install drives to your computer, make sure they are the right ones and not generic ones.

Another thing you can try is to run the game in safe mode , to do so, you must open the properties of the game’s shortcut, and in the part where it says “location”, you must click and go at the end, then give a single space, and write “-save”, without the quotes, then click on apply and accept and that’s it.


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