Why can’t I make calls from my Android cell phone?

With the use of a mobile, you have access to all kinds of content, all kinds of entertainment and tools that can make our lives much easier. However, you also have to always be aware of different aspects of a mobile in terms of its care, so that it can function correctly.

When you have a mobile you have to keep in mind the saving of your battery , if the screen is in good condition, being able to increase the memory or if the case that we have bought protects it enough.

Actually, there are tons of aspects that we have to keep in mind so that our mobile will last as long as possible in our hands in a functional way.

Likewise, when we are not aware of any of these factors of the care of our mobile, we can see ourselves with a mobile that needs attention from a technician promptly. Or, at least, we will not have a mobile that works correctly, as can happen with a virus or an error that continues to appear on the screen telling us that we cannot do something in particular within it. This is when you need the best virus and junk cleaner for your Android .

Given this, we have to be alert, to be able to respond appropriately to any irregular activity on our mobile. On the other hand, one of the errors that we can find when we use our Android mobile is that we cannot make calls, or even receive them when certain circumstances are met.

This can be a bit of a dangerous scenario, especially when it comes to an emergency call, so it is good to know how you can respond to this quickly and successfully, so that you do not continue to have problems with making calls and can stay connected. . And, with this in mind, we have made the following tutorial so that you do not fear about not being able to receive calls and you can respond appropriately to the problem.

Network problems

When you are trying to make a call, and the call is not made for telephone network reasons, it may be a bit obvious to most, but there are some details that are often overlooked.

To begin with, you can have coverage problems in the area , and when this happens, you can compare it with friends or family who are nearby and have the same phone service, so it can be quickly ruled out.

On the other hand, the network may be having problems, which usually alert phone companies instantly so that these scenarios do not occur, but you can always call your provider to verify this.

On the other hand, if you are abroad it is good that you check about your roaming services with your telephone provider. Many times you may end up using different rates if you did not anticipate this and end up spending a lot of money, and it can also prevent you from making phone calls.

Although, if coverage and networks are involved, always remember that you can make calls in different apps through the use of WiFi.

What you have to look at on your own mobile

Although the network may have something to do with not being able to make calls, there are also other details to take into account, such as the possibility that your SIM card is blocked, which you should speak directly with your provider.

Likewise, if the contact you are calling has you blocked, it will be impossible for you to call them directly, which you can know if the ringtone sounds five times more than it is normal, or at least it can give you a good idea.

And, the configuration of your networks must be set by default, which you can do by entering the settings of your device and then, in the Network Settings section , reset all these.


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