Why can’t I log into Minecraft? – Solution login error

Minecraft has been a good game since its inception, so when an online mode was added where you could play multiplayer or with two or more people , it was all smiles in its community. That’s why today’s tutorial, to help you on your journey by answering the question Why can’t I log into Minecraft?

And, nowadays everyone wants to play multiplayer games, since without that much appeal is taken from the game. Minecraft, as one of the most active communities out there, has a large number of servers that you can enjoy, so logging in is vital.

Why can’t I log into Minecraft? – Solution Login Error

 Why can’t I log into Minecraft?

The first thing you should know is that the question Why can’t I log in to Minecraft ?, has several answers, since in reality there is not a single reason why Minecraft does not open you. The truth is that it is not so important that you know why Minecraft does not allow you to log in normally, what is really relevant is the solution to this problem.

However, to add a bit of context, today you will see some of the main reasons that can cause this headache, which would be:

Number one: because the Xbox Live servers are not working, one of the reasons that affect most of them, is that from time to time for both the PC and Xbox versions, an error pops up saying that you cannot log in for unknown reasons.


This is because the Xbox Live servers may be down at the time. This problem is from Microsoft and has nothing to do with you, you just have to wait (however, if you don’t want to sit idly by, you can search for how to log into Xbox Live if I can’t log in? ).

Number two: Another reason is because Minecraft may have been installed incorrectly, or a file has become corrupted. This problem happens when the connection is interrupted or canceled and then put back again without allowing a certain time to pass.

Number three: This is perhaps the most silly error, but you should know that if the version of the game you have is not official, it will not be compatible with the servers and even if you have an account there will be no way you can log in. The solution only in this case is to download the premium game from its page , and update Minecraft to the latest version .

Solution to the annoying error

Now that you know the answer to the question Why can’t I log into Minecraft?, It ‘s time for you to see the solutions for this problem. A solution that players have reported that works in all versions is changing the password from Minecraft.net. You can do this in the following way:

Go to the official site of the game and hit the button called “Login”, the action will take you immediately to a screen where you can enter the email and password, do so but with the wrong password. An error message will appear and also a new option called “Have you forgotten your password?” , press it and then write your email again, but this time click on the “Request password reset” button.


You will notice that you will receive an email with a link on which you must click. In the new section of said link, replace your email with the new password and click the “Reset password” button . That should solve your problem.

Clear cache

In the event that you are a mobile user, you should know that there is another solution that you can try which is by clearing the cache. This should not cause problems on the phone but it is still up to you to do it or not. To achieve it: go to ” Settings ” and look for the option “Application manager”, there click on the ” All ” button , search the Google Play Store and select it, inside press the “Clear cache” and “Clear data” buttons .

Follow the same process with Google Play services and the download manager (if you can’t find the latter, go to the ” More ” menu and choose the ” See system applications ” option ).

Then restart your phone and voila, you should be able to enter Minecraft so the question Why can’t I log into Minecraft ? , should already be answered, including its solution. So you should be able to play Minecraft online with a friend with or without hamachi , on multiplatform and even on private servers depending on your version.


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