Why can’t I get the verification code from Google

Have you tried logging in and wondering? Why can’t I get the verification code from Google? Do not worry, here we will talk about it and we will comment on certain measures that can solve the problem.

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  1. Why can’t I get the verification code from Google? – Solution
  2. I receive verification codes without requesting them

Why can’t I get the verification code from Google? – Solution

If you don’t receive the verification code from Google after logging in, don’t worry there are several reasons why this happens. Also, in most situations, not receiving the code from Google has a solution , even so, keep the following in mind.

Check coverage

In the event that you are using the SMS option, your mobile phone coverage is essential. In many cases, the verification code from Google does not arrive because your mobile is not connected to the network . For this reason, it is essential that you are in a covered area.

In the event that you simply cannot access the mobile network, there are other ways to access your Google account. One of them is using an application, but there is also another that uses the codes of your Google account stored on your mobile. No matter which one you choose, fortunately the company has a variety of ways to log in.

Make sure the number is correct

In many cases, the Google code does not arrive because you are not using the mobile phone registered in the account. Given this, try to remember if the phone registered in your account is the same one that you currently have . If not, as we pointed out before, there are other ways to access your Google account or services.

However, before trying another method, it is best to change your account number. If the phone in your account is out of date and it is difficult for you to log in, you can access the following link to make the relevant modification: Google account security .

Related to this, we always recommend keeping track of the data of your different accounts on existing platforms. It is certainly essential to create a password that is secure but easy to remember , so you will not have this problem again. Only after choosing a suitable password, you can proceed to change your Google account password .

Grant authorization from another device

If you cannot log into your account, because the verification code from Google does not arrive, read the following. Google provides the option in the most recent devices, to grant access to mobiles , computers and others. To access this option, you simply need to provide your Google account details and log in.

Once you have logged in and the verification code message appears, the option to request access from another device also appears. Using this method, Google allows you to grant access to the new login device.

I receive verification codes without requesting them

On the other hand, if you go to this guide because you receive verification codes without requesting it , you need to take action. Certainly in most circumstances, receiving a code without having requested it means that someone has logged into your account.

In other words, someone used your Google password and data to try to access from another site. While this may sound serious, the truth is that Google has advanced security measures, so you are usually protected.

Either way, if you don’t have two-step verification turned on on your Android or Google, there may be issues. For this reason, we recommend that you always consider the security of your account as a priority . Certainly, by activating 2-Step Verification, the security of your account will be greatly increased.


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