Why can’t I download apps from the Play Store on Android?

When we buy a smartphone, they already have several factory applications , such as the MP3 player. The calendar, the alarm, among others, but we always want to have other App. For this we use the virtual store of Google the Play Store , but not always everything is rosy. This is why in the following article we will explain why I can’t download apps from the Play Store on Android? Solution.

This situation may seem like a fatality, since through this virtual store, we can have access to hundreds of applications.

And have all the tools we need, such as games, flashlight, banking apps, messaging platform, etc. But unexpected problems may arise that can cause the download to never complete.

But fortunately there are certain solutions that you can apply when you can not download the App from the Play Store . We will tell you the causes and the way to solve this annoying situation and it is as simple as deleting the search history of the Android Play Store, so keep reading and learn how to solve it.

Why can’t I download apps from the Play Store on Android?

Problems of this type are very recurrent and varied and the solutions can be not so easy to carry out. But we will try through this tutorial to indicate the best way to proceed before any of these errors that appear.

We will indicate the errors that are displayed when not being able to download and the possible solutions for it. First we will start with Error 491 and it tells us that it is not possible to download or update. The solution may be, heading Settings and Accounts must enter the option to delete our account of Google.

The next step will be to restart our mobile and then we add our account again, we will enter Settings again. But now we will choose Applications, then All and we are going to search and select Google Services . Now we will look for the Clear Data option, with it we will erase all the saved data and ready, this problem should be solved.

Another error that does not allow you to download the App

The next problem that the Play Store can present us is the interruption of the download and it can show the following Error 498. To solve this problem it is necessary to empty the cache partition, since it is full. To do this we must first delete obsolete App or that we are not using, this to free up space.

After this we can restart the mobile in Recovery mode and finally we are going to empty the Caché Partition and this should be the solution to this problem. Another problem that is caused by a Proxy is Error 413, to solve this problem, we must proceed as follows. In the start menu we select Settings, then Applications and then All.

Now we must look for the Google Services option and we are going to click on Clear Data, we will do these same steps with the Play Store. As a last step, we must go to our internet browser and we must empty the cache memory. And this should be it, so that this problem is solved and you can download the application you wanted.

Another very common error is the 919 where everything seems to be fine with the download, but it is not done. The possible solution for this is to free up space on our mobile , since we have enough to download. Try to delete applications that you no longer use or delete information that is taking up memory space.

The next error is 921 and this tells us that it is not possible to download any application and to solve this problem, we must do the following.

First of all try to clear the cache of the Play Store. If this is not resolved, now try to delete your Google account and then reload it, this should solve this problem.

As you can see, there are many problems that can arise when downloading from the Play Store. And here we could show you why can’t I download applications from the Play Store on Android?


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