Why can’t I add new contacts in Skype?

Skype is an application that allows you to communicate with other users, just as WhatsApp works with the QR or Telegram. However, in Skype you have to add to your contacts or at least sync the app via email . If you are having problems adding a new contact in Skype today we will teach you how to solve it.

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  1. Do I need to add someone to Skype contacts in order to communicate?
  2. Why won’t it let me add contacts?
  3. How do I fix this issue to add contacts normally?
    1. Fix this and add contacts through the Search box
    2. Learn how to solve this problem through the Contacts option

Do I need to add someone to Skype contacts in order to communicate?

Yes, the only way to communicate with someone on Skype is by sending them an invitation link that leads them to download the application and then be able to communicate with you.

This is done not only with users who do not have a Skype account but also with those who do have an account. You will have to ask for their email with which they are registered on the platform or you provide yours to be able to add yourself and start chatting.

It is useful to be able to know if someone has a Skype account or not since this will avoid you having to send them an invitation link. The fastest way to get them is by opening your profile and in the ‘Search’ option put the name and surname of the person.


It is a somewhat global option and it may cost you a bit to really get to the person but it is not impossible. When you get it, you can add it to your contacts and start a chat, but it is necessary that said person accepts to start a conversation.

Why won’t it let me add contacts?

The subject of contacts in Skype can be a bit complicated due to the way in which users must be obtained or added. At the moment it may be easy to open your account with email , but this also has some drawbacks that we will mention below and that will explain why the application often does not allow you to add contacts.

  • Email is not the one you frequently use. When you open a Skype accountyou do it with your email, but if you have several emails and you log in with a different one that does not have your contacts, then the application will prevent you from adding new ones.
  • There is also another important point that usually happens, is that someone has opened their Skype session on your devicewithout notifying you. Given this, the application will not recognize your frequent contacts nor will you be able to add them, what you should do in this case is to verify your profile and your user and if they are not the correct ones, close the session and open yours again.
  • Another reason why it does not allow you to add a contact is that the email of the user you are trying to add is not correct, so no matter how much you insist on adding it, the application will deny it. To fix this minor inconvenience, all you have to do is communicate with your friend in another way, explain the problem, and ask them to verify their emailFrom him.

How do I fix this issue to add contacts normally?

So that you can add contacts as you normally do in your Skype account, we show you two options that not only solve the problem but also give you a different way of adding to contacts, just in case later on you come across the same inconvenience.

Fix this and add contacts through the Search box

This option is easy to use, you have to open your Skype session and go to the top of the screen where you will find a search engine represented with a magnifying glass , there you have to put the user’s name, email or phone number, when you find the person you are looking for select from the results and a new chat window will immediately open.

Write a message for your new contact and it will be added immediately, you will have a limit of 10 messages between text and images , until the person accepts your request and then you can communicate with them without any limits.

Learn how to solve this problem through the Contacts option

  • For this, the first thing you have to do is open your Skype sessionand go to the options menu.
  • Click on the ‘Contacts’ option and wait for your entire list of added contacts to be displayed.
  • Locate the option ‘New contact’ and select it.
  • A new window will open with the title ‘Add new contact’and a blank box below.
  • In the white box you will have to put the name, email or phone number of the person you want to add.
  • A list of names will appear and you must click on the one you are looking for.
  • You will then be shown a list of options to communicate with the person, choose the one you want and that’s it. The rest of the recommendations are the same, wait for the person to accept your request.


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