Whose camera is better: iPhone 13 Pro Max or Google Pixel 6 Pro

It is believed that the only Android smartphone that can really compete with the iPhone is the Google Pixel. Google, like Apple, does not try to surprise users with beautiful numbers, so it prefers proven hardware solutions. Therefore, for a long time, the “pixels” had the same amount of RAM as the iPhone, and were equipped with a camera three years ago, which, however, did not prevent the developers from making it better and better every year. Despite the fact that neither the Pixel nor the iPhone have ever ranked first in the ranking of the best camera phones , it would be a real crime not to compare the quality of their shooting.

iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro are the best solutions from their respective manufacturers. It will be interesting to compare them

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It was decided to compare the top-end smartphones from Apple and Google: iPhone 13 Pro Max and Google Pixel 6 Pro . Despite the fact that the cameras of these devices are quite different from a technical point of view, in both cases these are the most advanced solutions that their manufacturers offer in principle. If the iPhone is still a 12-megapixel module, then the Pixel 6 is already 50-megapixel. But now in 2Q21 the resolution would be measured. You need to measure the quality of the pictures.

Comparison of smartphone cameras

So Pixel 6 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are filmed during the day

The first pair of shots immediately demonstrates the difference between the cameras. No, this difference is not in quality, but in approaches to photography. In terms of detail, the cameras of both smartphones are pretty good. But in terms of the color temperature of the pictures, they differ quite significantly. The iPhone goes into colder shades, while the Pixel goes into warmer shades. Because of this, the impression is created that the first shot immediately after noon, and the second – already towards evening, when the sun came out, although, according to the photographer, the shooting was carried out at the same time. However, if you look closely, the sky of the iPhone looks more beautiful, but the photographer noted that the result is more accurate – after all, the “pixel”.

This is a flash shot, so it didn’t turn out very nicely.

Shooting in low light conditions using a flash is not the most indicative quality scenario. But here, with the naked eye, you can see that the Pixel illuminates the space in front of it more efficiently. Despite the fact that the flagship of Google overexposed the trees, it managed to convey objects in the foreground more naturally, highlighting at the same time the right side of the image, which shows both the grass and bald patches of the earth. The iPhone turned out exactly the opposite: the shadows of the trees were worked out much better, but the skull looks a little overexposed, and nothing at all is visible from the side on the right.

Pixel 6 Pro gives better portrait photos than iPhone

I personally enjoy taking portraits on the Pixel 6 Pro better than on the iPhone. Pixelated objects look sharper and more detailed. But this is the key parameter of a photo with a blurred background – to make the main subject stand out. Pay attention to the shoulders of the subject. Pixel makes a clear transition, as if outlining it. And the iPhone works more smoothly. No, the shot on the camera of Apple’s flagship is not bad, but I would like to shoot portraits exactly the way the Google Pixel does. Most likely, the whole thing is in more advanced algorithms for recognizing the subject of photography from Google.

Here the luminosity of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is good for him

And on the next pair, I like the way the iPhone handled. Even though the Pixel is slightly ahead in terms of detail – perhaps due to the higher resolution camera – the iPhone produces a spicier and warmer picture. This creates a feeling of celebration, which is not in the picture taken from the “pixel”. Take a closer look at the lamps. The iPhone clearly shows that they are there and shine in a rather lamp-like manner, while the Pixel seems to be just LED spotlights that were hung out purely for practical reasons. There is some magic in the iPhone photo, but not in the “pixel” photo.

The front camera of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is still far from ideal

The front camera deserves a separate discussion. The iPhone has a 12MP sensor and the Pixel has an 8MP sensor. But they give out how different in quality the shooting results are. Yes, this is a screenshot from the video, but even from it you can see that the face of the leading iPhone makes an unnaturally yellow, smooths out the stubble and makes it puffy and even somehow unhealthy. The pixel does a lot better. He has a natural face, with clearly noticeable stubble that does not smooth out or disappear from the frame, and his nose does not merge with the rest of his physiognomy. In general, here the “pixel” is an unambiguous test.

iPhone or Google Pixel

It’s hard to figure out whose camera is doing better.

Finding a clear winner in the camera race is tricky. In some scenarios, the iPhone does better than the Google Pixel. If you do not compare them directly, then you will not understand whose camera shoots better. Therefore, you need to focus more on philosophy. “Pixel” stands for naturalness in everything. iPhone – for its softness, warmth and even some lightness, which, however, sometimes goes to its detriment. By this logic, it would probably be more correct to bet on the Google Pixel, but seeing natural footage is not what most people want.

Remember at least the night mode. After all, both the Pixel and the iPhone don’t take night shots as such. They just lighten them using software algorithms. Because of this, there is no question of any naturalness of shots taken in low light conditions. Most often, these photos come out brighter than they actually are, and are very different from what the human eye actually sees. But this is beautiful. This means that you need to focus on what is closest to you.

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