Who was Luke in the Bible?

Luke was a physician who wrote the gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. He accompanied Paul on his missionary journeys and carefully investigated the accounts of Jesus’ life to write his gospel. The Bible says little about him.

Luke was probably a Gentile converted by Jesus’ first disciples. He was the only known author of a non-Jewish book of the Bible. He was a highly educated man, with knowledge not only of medicine but also of historical and written research ( Colossians 4:14 ).

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Lucas accompanied Paul on parts of his missionary journeys. When Paul was arrested, Lucas accompanied him on the trip to Rome to stand trial. He was with Paul when the ship sank along the way and stayed by his side while he was stuck in Rome ( Acts 28:16 ).

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Luke’s books

In his travels with Paul, Luke probably had access to many people who accompanied Jesus in his ministry. Gathering testimonies from people close to Jesus, he organized all the relevant information to create a complete and faithful biography of Jesus’ life ( Luke 1: 1-4 ). This biography became known as the Gospel of Luke.

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Luke followed the same method for writing Acts of the Apostles. This book was written as a continuation of the gospel of Luke, which was written earlier. He documented the origins of the church, focusing mainly on the ministry of Paul, with whom he had the most contact ( 2 Timothy 4:11 ). Acts does not count the result of Paul’s trial in Rome or his martyrdom, so the two books were probably written before these events.

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Lucas wrote his books thinking of the non-Jewish public, who did not know the Old Testament so well. He sought to explain how Jesus came to everyone in the world, even to those who were not well regarded in society. Luke wanted to help us understand Jesus’ message of love.


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