Who was Laura Bridgman?

Laura Dewey Lynn Bridgman was an American born in New Hampshire in December 21, 1829. She is famous for having received a formal education despite being blind and deaf. He made this feat over 50 years before the famous Helen Keller. Laura Bridgman was perhaps made more famous through the writing of Charle Dickens. Charles Dickens took note of Laura Bridgman on his 1842 American tour, and consequently wrote about her.

Early life

Laura was born into a family of three sisters and was the last born for the Bridgmans. Born as an underweight child, Laura’s childhood was unpleasant. He suffered convulsions for a year after his birth and was generally sick. When she was two, she contracted scarlet fever that paralyzed her senses, leaving her with only the sense of touch. Her miraculous healing did not restore her sight or hearing, but restored her sense of taste and smell. His two sisters suffered the same fever but unfortunately died to death, leaving the Bridgman devastated.


Laura’s condition was brought to light by James Barrett of Dartmouth College. Bridgman joined the Perkins Institute with the help of Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, his official instructor. After being nostalgic for a while, Laura became attached to her matron and her first instructor, Miss Lydia Hall Drew. Howe has decided to teach Laura tactile means to communicate using the printing of raised letters. His approach was very different: first he taught Laura to read whole words before letters. Later, he could help her distinguish between the individual letters of each word. The feat was a success, and two years later, Laura wrote her name in the press.

More contributions

After spending many years at the institution, Bridgman became an assistant sewing instructor. It is said that she was strict but very kind with her juniors. The school provided her with a home and basic needs that kept her at the institution. His significant contributions were achieved through his principal instructor, Howe, who perfected tactile communication with a deaf-blind person, a feat that had not been accomplished on anyone else before. A significant beneficiary of this is the famous Hellen Keller who had the same handicap as Laura.

Death and inheritance

In 1850, the long journey of Bridgman’s education ended. He returned home where he met with family and friends. He preferred to spend time sewing and selling embroidered handkerchiefs, crochet cakes and bags. In May 24, 1889, Laura Dewey Lynn Bridgman died at the age of 59.

Bridgman was remembered for being someone who touched souls all over the world with his elastic ability to overcome obstacles in life. There is a Freedom ship named after its inheritance. Writers and producers have produced films and literary publications after her. Kimberly Elkins produced the film What is visible as a fictional tale of Bridgman’s life. The case of his life is also mentioned in Andre Gide’s La Symphonie Pasorale .

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