Who was David in the Bible?

David was Israel’s most famous king and ancestor of Jesus. He was a shepherd, military leader, king, musician and poet. David wrote many psalms and was called a man “after God’s own heart” ( Acts 13:22 ).

Before being king

David was the youngest son of a man named Jesse, who lived in Bethlehem. He took care of his father’s sheep and played the harp. When God rejected Saul as king, He sent the prophet Samuel to anoint David king and David was filled with the Holy Spirit ( 1 Samuel 16: 12-13 ).

Later, David went to work for King Saul as a squire and playing the harp. When the Philistines attacked Israel, David defeated the giant Goliath and became a famous and popular warrior. Saul was jealous of him, because he was successful in everything he did, and tried to kill him ( 1 Samuel 18: 7-9 ). But Jonathan, Saul’s son, was a friend of David’s and helped him to escape.

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David became a fugitive for several years. He joined a group of warriors and became a mercenary. David refused to kill Saul, even though he knew he would be king after him ( 1 Samuel 24: 6-7 ).

David the King

When Saul died in battle, David became king of the tribe of Judah. ​​He reigned over Judah for seven years, until Is-Bosete, Saul’s heir, died. Then he became king over all Israel ( 2 Samuel 5: 4-5 ).

David had many wars and many victories during his reign. He consolidated Israel’s power and made Jerusalem the capital. David brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem and made arrangements for his son Solomon to build the temple.

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David’s family

David had several wives and concubines. One day he committed adultery with Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife. She became pregnant and David had Uriah killed to be with her. But God punished David for his sin and the child died ( 2 Samuel 12: 13-14 ). David repented but after that he had many problems with his family.

David ruled his country well but not his family. Some of his children were rebellious and violent. They caused David many problems and three of his sons were killed.

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Why did God bless David?

David was not a perfect man but he loved God. David did his best to obey God from the heart. When he sinned, David acknowledged his mistakes and truly repented ( Psalm 51: 1-4 ). He was not arrogant, he knew that he was a sinner and that he needed God.

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Like all of us, David had many sins but he humbly repented. He knew that his salvation depended entirely on God ( Psalm 51: 12-13 ). Therefore, God blessed him, guaranteeing his descent. Jesus, the savior the eternal king, was known as a descendant of David ( Matthew 1: 1 ).

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