Who was Abigail In Bible

Abigail was a woman of God who saved her family. Her husband was a bad man, but Abigail was wise. Because of his wisdom, Abigail won the favor of the future King David.

Abigail was married to a very wealthy man named Nabal. His wealth came from the many sheep and goats he owned. But, despite being rich, Nabal was not generous; he was bad and foolish. Abigail, on the other hand, was smart and beautiful ( 1 Samuel 25: 2-3 ).

Abigail’s family is in danger

At that time, David was running away from Saul, who was jealous and did not want David to become king after him. David had gathered a band of warriors who accompanied him wherever he fled. But to continue in this life, David’s warriors needed food. Usually, bands of warriors assaulted unprotected places to survive, but David did not do this to Nabal.

David decided to treat Nabal well. He could easily take anything he wanted from him, but instead he sent a polite message asking for food ( 1 Samuel 25: 6-8 ). David appealed to Nabal’s generosity and asked him to send what he could. This was not much to ask, because David’s men had protected Nabal’s shepherds and cattle from other dangers and had not stolen anything.

But Nabal was neither generous … nor sensible. He refused to help David and even insulted him ( 1 Samuel 25: 10-11 ). When David received the answer, he was so angry that he promised to take revenge on Nabal. He gathered his men to kill all the men in Nabal’s house!

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Abigail saves the day

Nabal’s servants were unable to talk to him, so they went to talk to Abigail, who did not know what had happened. When she heard what her husband had done, Abigail quickly gathered a lot of food. Without telling Nabal, she went to deliver the food personally to David ( 1 Samuel 25: 18-19 ).

Abigail found David on the road, already on his way to destroy his family! He was very angry but Abigail fell down before him, took the blame and asked for forgiveness . She explained that her husband was foolish and asked David to change his mind and accept the food ( 1 Samuel 25: 26-28 ). Abigail believed that God would punish Nabal. David did not need to take revenge. That would be wrong and would only cause you more problems in the future.

David was impressed by Abigail’s wisdom. He acknowledged his mistake in wanting to take revenge and blessed Abigail, forgiving Nabal ( 1 Samuel 25: 32-34 ). David accepted Abigail’s gift and left. Abigail had saved her family!

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Abigail and David

Abigail came home but Nabal was drunk, so she only told him what she had done the next day. When Nabal heard what had happened, he was paralyzed! Ten days later, God took Nabal’s life .

When David discovered that Nabal was dead, he called Abigail to be his wife. Abigail accepted the proposal, left her home and became one of David’s wives ( 1 Samuel 25: 40-42 ).

Abigail still faced several challenges. David was a fugitive man and she had to live as a fugitive for some years. Once, she was taken prisoner by the Amalekites, along with the families of all David’s warriors, and David had to save her.

However, later, Abigail gained security and prestige when David became king. She also had a son by David, named Daniel, also known as Quileabe. Abigail was sensible and God-fearing and He rewarded her for her wisdom.

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