Who Really Was Pontius Pilate?

According to the evangelist Matthew, Pontius Pilate condemned Jesus because he was guilty of blasphemy. But his figure remains in the mystery.I’m not responsible for this blood; you see it!”. With these words, according to the evangelist Matthew, the prefect of Judea, Pontius Pilate, condemned Jesus , because he was guilty of blasphemy. Washing your hands of it, literally. Of the opposition of the Roman official Pilate to condemn the accused (thus leaving all the responsibility to the Jews ), only the Gospels speak. And the very existence of a prefect named Pilate for a long time was documented only by the New Testament. Until 1961, when a worker in Caesarea (in Israel) found a Roman epigraph with the phrase ” Pontius Pilatus, Praefectus Iudeae”.

Taken from Focus Storia (n.178 – August 2021) , an issue that dedicates ample space to the most important process in history: that of Jesus. © focus

DISTINGUISHED UNKNOWN. However, what we think we know about Pontius Pilate is only the result of hypothesis. He was probably of Samnite lineage (belonging to the Vestina family of the Pontii) and was procurator of Judea for 10 years, a period in which he must not have been very soft with his subjects, whom he did not particularly like.

Perhaps the iron fist during the numerous revolts in the province, and for this reason it could have been dismissed in 36 AD. There are also many hypotheses about its end: perhaps he was executed by Caligula, perhaps he died suicide after being exiled to Gaul, or penitent, after converting to Christianity under the influence of his wife Claudia. The mystery of the man who left Jesus to his fate, therefore, still remains open.

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