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Valeria Angione  is an actress and web star born in Castel San Pietro Terme, in the province of Bologna, on November 5, 1995. To date, Valeria Angione has over 700,000 followers on Instagram and 330,000 followers on TikTok .


Passionate about acting since childhood and active on the web since 2015, in 2021 Valeria Angione is arriving in bookstores with  Riparti da Te (cna) , published by Mondadori Electa.

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Valeria Angione biography

Born in the province of Bologna in 1995,  Valeria Angione moved to  Naples three years later, together with her family. At the age of only 11 she began her career as an actress, which continued in the following years.

A few years later, at about  twenty ,  Valeria enters the world of the web, starting to create the first contents in which she talks about her life at university: the first step towards success. After starting to approach the web through  Facebook , in 2017, two years later, Valeria also opens an Instagram profile (which currently has over 700,000 followers ) and, later, she signs up on TikTok , where she is followed by more than 330 thousand people.

In 2021 there are really numerous users who follow Valeria on her social networks and the satisfactions that the latter brings home, from the opportunity to conduct, together with Andrea Dianetti, the streaming program on Mediaset Infinity ” Isola Play “, to that to take part in the program, streaming on Discovery + , Taraballa – As long as there is sweet there is hope , conducted by Damiano Carrara.

Also in 2021, he is leaving his novel anew from Te (cna) , available in bookshops from  October 5 , after the opening of  pre-orders went sold out on  Amazon in the edition with  highlighters .


Valeria Angione curiosity

Here are some curiosities about Valeria Angione :

  • He received the award as  Revelation Artist of the Seasonat the  BCT – National Film and Television Festival of Benevento
  • She graduated in acting and graduated in economics
  • He participated in the Forumprogram

Valeria Angione social profiles

If you don’t want to miss any news about Valeria Angione , here’s where you can find it on social media:

  • FACEBOOK: @ Valeria Angione
  • INSTAGRAM: @ valeriangione
  • TIKTOK: @ valeriangione
  • TWITTER: @ Valeriangione.
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