Who is the plastic surgeon and what does he do?

Who is the plastic surgeon and what does he do?

The plastic surgeon is a specialist who deals with correcting, improving or eliminating malformations of the body (congenital or acquired). Performs operations from a functional point of view (reconstructive surgery) and aesthetic (cosmetic surgery). It treats damage resulting from road trauma, burns, skin tumors, facial fractures and breast neoplasms. It works on the part of the body that has an anomaly and reconstructs parts of organs and tissues in case there is a lack or loss of substance (reconstructive surgery).

The plastic surgeon also attenuates the defects and aesthetic imperfections of the body, face and breasts. It delays the effects of time on the skin by limiting the signs of aging (lifting). Performs liposuction operations to reduce imperfections on the stomach, legs and buttocks, rhinoplasty to reshape the shape of the nose and breast augmentation for breast augmentation (cosmetic surgery).

It is a profession that requires theoretical, technical and scientific knowledge in various fields: pathophysiology, clinic and therapy of malformations, traumas, neoplasms and all other pathologies that cause morphological and functional alterations. Specific areas of expertise are the treatment of burns in the acute and chronic phase, as well as the use of biotechnologies and surgical techniques for organ and tissue transplantation.

Being a plastic surgeon requires precision, calm, accuracy, meticulousness and a predisposition to care and manage relationships with the patient. Manual skills and familiarity in the use of technologies and operator tools are characteristics that complete the profile.

By intervening on organs and tissues of the whole body, when necessary the plastic surgeon collaborates with specialists from other sectors of surgery, such as orthopedic surgeons, traumatologists, general and vascular surgery specialists and others.

As with other health professions, the plastic surgeon works both as an employee of public and private health and hospital structures, and as a freelancer, setting up a studio where he welcomes patients and carries out the activity in full autonomy.

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