Who is the angel Gabriel?

the angel Gabriel is a messenger from God. In the Bible the angel Gabriel announced the coming of Jesus to the world. We don’t have much information about the angel Gabriel, because the most important thing is his message .

Gabriel in the Bible

Gabriel first appears in the Bible when he went to interpret Daniel’s vision of a ram and a goat. Gabriel appeared to Daniel in the form of a man and explained to him that the vision was about the end times ( Daniel 8: 15-17 ). Animals represented kingdoms and their futures.

Later, Gabriel appeared again to Daniel, after he prayed to God for forgiveness for the sins of his people. Gabriel said that Daniel was very loved and that there was an answer to his prayer ( Daniel 9: 21-23 ). Gabriel told him the seventy-week prophecy, announcing the coming of the Anointed One – Jesus.

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Many years later, the angel Gabriel appeared to the priest Zacharias when he went to offer incense to God in the temple. Gabriel told him not to be afraid. Zechariah and his wife were already elderly, but the angel Gabriel told him that he would have a son named John. That son would prepare the people to receive the Savior.

Zechariah doubted the message. Gabriel explained to him that he is always in the presence of God and that he was sent to give him this message. As a punishment for his unbelief, Zechariah would remain silent until the boy was born ( Luke 1: 19-20 ).

Six months after speaking with Zechariah, the angel Gabriel appeared to a young woman named Mary ( Luke 1: 26-28 ). He greeted Maria and told her not to be afraid. She was going to get pregnant and give birth to the Son of God! When Maria asked her how it would happen if she was a virgin, Gabriel explained that the Holy Spirit would come upon her. He also told him that Elizabeth, Zacharias’ wife, was pregnant.

Thus, we know that the angel Gabriel:

  • Stay in the presence of God
  • Receives messages directly from God to give to some people
  • It can take a shape like a man

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Should we pray to the angel Gabriel?

No, we must not pray to the angel Gabriel. The Bible does not say that Gabriel intercedes for us. Our intercessor is Jesus ( Romans 8:34 ).

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The Bible says that angels obey God, serving the saved ( Hebrews 1:14 ). They help us but don’t take orders from us. When we need help, we must pray to God , who commands the angels and has power over everything that exists.

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