Who Is Eligible as “An Innovator”?

An innovator is someone who introduces ideas, ideas, methods or aspirations that are still famous new and have never been owned or conveyed by others before. People who do this deserve to be categorized as an innovator or inventor.


Innovator leaders are capable and brave people who turn new ideas into something useful for many people. Innovation usually always brings convenience to human life with new things they create. Being an innovator may not be as easy as people imagine or it may not be as difficult as what they say. When talking about how to become an innovator, we need to have the attitude of an innovator. The main attitude held by the innovator is the attitude of thinkers.


Therefore, this article will discuss “how to think like an innovator?” Where to have a mind like them, we must have the characteristics of an innovator in our souls.


Need to Think Like an Innovator? 

Of course this is very important. Moreover, if we are an entrepreneur or businessman, we need to create new advantages in our products or services. For example, think about “how can we create new products and services that our competitors haven’t thought of before?”


Everyone needs to think like an innovator, but far more important than this is how an initiator of the idea can realize his new ideas into a tangible form that can benefit many people. Reporting from the dot com entrepreneur website, we will enlighten our Career Advice colleagues to think like innovators.


A book called “Stand Out” explains how entrepreneurs in the modern era like today can think as innovative as innovators? One example we can take from the explanation of this book is the success story of Eric Schadt. Eric is a scientist best known for his studies, which he has written more than 200 papers ranging from discussing Alzheimer’s to diabetes.


To his surprise, Eric had never studied biology before. In fact, Eric had only studied mathematics and computer science before, but Eric kept thinking and didn’t give up on looking for new things that he might not have learned. In this case, Eric managed to see the power that Big Data has for Biology. Eric’s thoughts are not immediately trusted by many people, instead there are many people who consider themselves crazy. However, Eric finally managed to make a great work that combines computer modeling and biological data in understanding the relationship between genes, gene products, and other molecular features such as cells, organs, organisms, and communities and their impact on complex human traits such as disease.


The successes that Eric Schadt has taught us that never stop to think innovatively and never give up even though many people underestimate our ideas.


There are some important questions that we need to ask ourselves in order to think like an innovator, namely as follows:

– What knowledge, experience or training have we had before and have never been studied or possessed by others in our field of work?

– What perspectives or techniques are well known in all fields and how can we apply those perspectives or techniques to our industry?

– What do practitioners say about our industry? and what things don’t make sense to them? and why?

– What are the most dangerous trends for our industry today? and what opportunities are there for these trends for our industry?


Some of the questions above will help us to think more critically and guide us to think like an innovator. If your fellow readers really want to have the ability to think like an innovator, your fellow readers should try to look for inspiration outside the field of industry that you are in.


Why is that? When we only look for inspiration in our own field, we will find it difficult to see other possibilities that are not in our industry. Combining insights, information and ideas from various fields of industry (the profession) or various other aspects of our lives will make it easier for us to think like an innovator.


From this explanation we can draw the conclusion that innovators will indeed not allow their minds to walk on “flat land” or on easy paths. They will challenge themselves to think more complex, even if no one challenges him at all. Their minds will be free to explore and they are very sure that every thing in life has a relationship with each other, so they can create new things that have not been previously thought of by others.


They are not afraid of being labeled “crazy” or underestimated because their thoughts may be out of bounds or “not normal” for most people. Whatever happens, they will remain confident and confident that what they find will benefit many people, at least if not for now but for life in the future.

by Abdullah Sam
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