Which poet selected his own burial-place and designed his own sepulcher?

Walt Whitman selected his own burial-place and designed his own tomb. Raleigh Cemetery, a mile or two outside of Camden, New Jersey, is the place he selected for his burial. On a steep hillside clothed by natural forest trees,—oaks, beeches, and hickories,—he prepared his sepulcher, designing it himself and coming frequently, until too infirm to do so longer, to supervise the work of construction, which was completed but a little time before his death. The tomb is a capacious vault of ponderous, rough-tooled blocks of granite, surmounted by a triangular mass, weighing several tons, which is graven with his name. The massive stone door stands ajar, and through it may be seen the sealed crypts which contain the ashes of the poet and some of his kindred.

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