Which is better: Apple Translator, Google Translate or Yandex Translator.

In the modern world, everyone is faced with the need to translate. Long gone are the days when a user, having seen a site on the Internet in English, closed it and looked for domestic counterparts. Still: the translator is now built into the browser. Now any text can be translated directly from Safari by clicking on the corresponding button in the top line. Now only the question of the quality of the proposed function becomes acute. There are a lot of applications with which you can translate this or that text, but, in my opinion, among all the owners of apple devices, three leaders can be identified: the great and mighty Google Translate, Yandex. Translator and native app from Apple.

The best translators of our time. Which to choose.

It’s no secret that we Russians are very conservative people. Any innovations are immediately perceived with hostility. This is especially noticeable when you look at the comments on articles on AppleInsider.ru. Just remember how it bombarded users when Apple rolled out the iPhone with bangs.

The story is about the same with translators. All my acquaintances who live abroad have long found an analogue of Google Translate and left there. We still can’t get used to it.

Что Apple будет делать без iPhone.


  • 1Offline translator for iPhone
  • 2Which translator from English is better
    • 1Apple Translator from English
    • 2Google Translate from English
    • 3Yandex.Translate from English
  • 3Which is the best French translator
    • 1Apple Translator from French
    • 2Google Translate from French
    • 3Yandex.Translate from French
  • 4What is the best Chinese translator
    • 1Apple translator from Chinese
    • 2Google Translate from Chinese
    • 3Yandex.Translate from Chinese

Offline translator for iPhone

Apple’s native app debuted in iOS 14 and primarily interested us in terms of offline translation, which is very useful abroad or in places where the Internet is tight.

If you have not yet activated the offline translation feature in iOS , I recommend doing it right now. Moreover, it won’t take much time:

  • Unlock your iPhone, go to Settings.
  • Next, find the Translation application in the list.
  • Turn on the Local translation function.
  • Next, open the Translation app.
  • Then click the Download languages ​​button and select the required ones.

Offline translation in the native Apple app.

In my article on native apps, I already said that Apple Translation is one of the worst native apps that comes out of the box. Inconvenient interface, constant lags and freezes and other imperfections make it completely unsuitable for me.

On the other hand, if he translates well, why not? I propose to test it on the example of texts of varying complexity and decide: will the native Apple application be able to make such giants as Google Translate and Yandex.Translate?

Which translator from English is better

I decided to compare the three translators with each other in the texts of the C1 level (Advanced or Advanced). First of all, this is necessary because the level B1 or B2 is now within the power of almost every user. It is clear that we will not rely on literary translation. Applications have not yet matured to this. I must say right away that the results were interesting. I didn’t expect this.

Apple Translator from English

I think that no one will argue about languages. Everyone knows that they translate from English more often. So let’s start. The first to tackle the tricky task is a native app from Apple. You can see the source text here .

The result did not upset me, nor did it make me happy. Bad translation from any other application as standard. No wonder. See for yourself:

Translate from English using the native Apple app.

Google Translate from English

Well, who, no matter how Google, with their machine learning algorithms, should give an excellent result. We learned how to take pictures with the help of Google Cameras, we trained voice assistants, you see, they will cope with the translation function with a bang.

In fact: slightly better than Apple, but also bad. An English teacher at school cannot rewrite such a text in a ready-made format. Inaccuracies in wording, complications with participial and participial phrases make Google Translate not the best option.

Translation from English Google Tramslate.

Yandex.Translate from English

Yandex.Translator, although a young project, should do just as well as its counterpart from Apple. Finally, look at Alice . It reveals such subtleties of the Russian language that not every foreigner understands.

Yandex.Translate from English.

First, take a look at the interface. Everything is clear, understandable, as it should be. Secondly, the text. It’s not a shame to appear with such a person in society. Of course, it doesn’t pull the top five, but the four is solid.

Which is the best French translator

In the modern world, the border with languages ​​is blurring and it has long been clear that translators should work equally well with both English and other languages. Let’s take French this time. The original text is here . Exactly the same thing. Take a C1 text (Advanced or Advanced) and compare the three options.

Apple Translator from French

I think that with French Apple should do as well as native English. After all, Cupertino is only 4 thousand kilometers from Ottawa. And in Canada, French is the state language.

Apple translator from French.

Well, what can I say. Bad again. Much worse than English. This can be attributed to the complexities of the language itself. I studied French for a while. This is not to say that it is much more difficult than English, but sometimes it is felt.

Google Translate from French

Surprisingly, Apple has done better in French than Google. The corporation of goodness does not know how to cope with the context at all. This can be seen from the very first word. Still, Tim Cook understands something about technology.

Google Translate from French.

Yandex.Translate from French

Well, I don’t know about you, but I liked Apple’s French translation the most. Yes, Yandex is not bad either, but still. In general, judge for yourself.

Yandex.Translate from French.

What is the best Chinese translator

The Chinese language is rightfully one of the most difficult in the world. Let’s take it as the last test. But we will ease the level of complexity, because even the Chinese themselves have problems with studying it. Logically, everything should be about the same as with French

Apple translator from Chinese

Apple’s translator did a pretty good job. In principle, the entire text is readable, albeit with some gross errors. Looking ahead, I will say that the result is decent.

Apple translator from Chinese.

Google Translate from Chinese

Everything is bad. Although the text looks more like a fairy tale, it is perceived very difficult. It’s better not to show the version of Google Translate to other people. Let her stay with you.

Google Translate from Chinese.

Yandex.Translate from Chinese

Yandex did the best. You can read, the main message is clear, there are, of course, complaints, but they are at a minimum. What do you want, Chinese.

Yandex.Translate from Chinese.

Как отключить 120 герц на iPhone и iPad.

Among the three candidates, I have not been able to identify a clear leader. One thing is clear for sure, Apple’s translator does not yet correspond to the status of the company itself. In Cupertino it would be necessary to work on it for another year. Maybe then everything will fall into place. Until then, my choice is clear.

I propose to tell you about my experience of using translation applications in our Telegram chat . It will be extremely interesting to read.

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