Which cyber attacks cost victims the most money

There are many cyber attacks that in one way or another can compromise our systems. Some are designed to steal passwords, information, infect the computer and cause it to malfunction … In short, many varieties that hackers use to achieve their goals. However, not all provide the same value to attackers. In this article we are going to talk about which security attacks can make users lose the most money .

Which cyber attacks cost victims the most money

The first thing we must indicate is that the victims can be both domestic users as well as organizations and large companies. Cybercriminals can use a wide variety of techniques to attack multiple sectors for profit.

But of course, not all attacks are the same. Hackers are going to have one goal, primarily a financial gain. But there are security problems that can simply be the gateway to a network, while others can bring a direct economic benefit.

Ransomware attacks

Without a doubt, one of the cyberattacks that make the most money to hackers is ransomware . The attacker infects a system with the aim of encrypting all the content. The victim will not be able to access the files or even could not start the operating system.

So that everything returns to normal, so that the user can re-enter their files as before, can have control of the equipment, they will have to pay an economic amount. This is the ransom for the hijacking of your device. It is therefore a very direct type of attack.

DDoS attacks

The DDoS attacks are specially designed to paralyze a company, web page or any platform. It involves sending multiple requests so that a server cannot handle such a high demand.

This brings a company to a complete standstill. Let’s say it is a website that sells products. If that site is down for an entire afternoon, customers could not enter to buy. It would be a very important economic loss.

Malware to steal credentials

Of course they can also use different types of malware to steal accounts such as social networks, email, platforms to watch streaming videos … All this has a value on the Internet. They can sell our credentials to access social networks on the Dark Web. They could also do the same with Netflix accounts, for example. The victim could have paid for a subscription and seen their account stolen.

Fraud in online payments

Another issue to be aware of that hackers may use is theft through online payments . It could happen that we are making a purchase through an unencrypted page and from a public Wi-Fi network. A cybercriminal could take advantage of this situation to divert the payment and steal the money. You can see some tips to detect threats when buying online .

Information theft

Our personal data has great value on the web. Attackers could steal information from a company or also at the home user level and sell it to third parties. This, to a certain extent, could also represent a financial loss for the victim. Especially if it is a company, you could assume that important data can reach the competition.

Ultimately, these cases that we have mentioned can negatively affect the economy of users. They are attacks that seek to steal information, infect computers and, in the end, profit. We must always maintain security and avoid problems.


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