Which are the Copper applications

Copper ( Cu ) is one of the three metals that comprise what is called “the copper family.” The other two metals that make up this family are: gold and silver. The copper features to be found in nature in pure or native state. That is, without combination with other elements.

Copper is the third most used metal in the world, behind the use of iron and aluminum, since it is highly effective and does not generate a negative environmental impact.

Copper is a non-precious metal with high conductivity . For this reason it is used for the manufacture of electrical cables. It is also used for the manufacture of generators, motors and transformers. On the other hand, computer and telecommunications equipment require internal circuits, integrated circuits, transformers or internal wiring, the conduction component of which is copper. More than a ton of copper is used to manufacture, for example, a wind turbine.

Specific uses and applications

  • Construction:  In construction, copper is used to manufacture thermal systems, wiring, water and gas pipes.
  • Technology:  In the area of ​​telecommunications, it is the metal most used for wiring, development of new technologies, increased transmission effectiveness in electronic devices. In the electrical area, electronic equipment is manufactured with copper since its conductivity is greater than other metals and its duration as well. In connection with the manufacture of specialized machinery, copper is used since it is a thermally conductive metal, resistant to corrosion, very strong and is not magnetic. Also, due to these properties, it is used for the production of industrial parts.
  • Transportation:  In transportation, the presence of copper turns out to be essential. The engines, electrical and electronic systems of ships, automobiles, airplanes and trains use this metal.
  • Agriculture:  In agriculture, it is used to compensate for the lack of this element in the land.
  • Coins:  Copper has been used since ancient times to make coins


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