Which Apple Watch to choose in 2022

Apple recently unveiled a new version of its watch, the Apple Watch 7, to the general public . The new gadget turned out to be very controversial. Many users considered the update to be extremely minor and stated that they were not going to purchase this device for themselves. At the same time, two more models of their watches were left in Cupertino – Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch SE. Today I propose to understand the key differences and answer the question: is it worth buying a seventh watch, or is it better to take a closer look at other options.

Which Apple Watch model is best to buy in 2021.

It is clear that all the key features of new gadgets appear only in the main line, so Apple Watch 7 will be a priori cooler and better. Exactly the same as the Apple Watch 6 is an order of magnitude higher than all the others. A flagship is a flagship. But there are other users who find such an expensive purchase impractical and are willing to sacrifice some features. To do this, it is important to understand how different Apple Watches differ from each other, which I propose to talk about further.

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Apple Watch 7 or SE

Firstly, I would like to note the increased display diagonal in the new watch. Apple Watch 7 will have 20% more footprint than last year and 50% more than Series 3. Just like the song: no bezels. Here you can draw an analogy with the iPhone lines. Each next smartphone of the company has some unique features, and with each new series, the cameras of the phones undergo some changes.

If before the diagonal of the display did not play a special role, now everything has changed.

In a watch, everything is exactly the same. Think for yourself. Anyone who sees a gadget on your wrist will know that these are new watches. Whoever says anything, and status is an integral part of Apple technology. As for usability, I think that the diagonal was more than enough before. Many of our editors agree with my opinion and bought themselves a 40 mm Apple Watch.

Secondly, it’s important to mention Always On Display . That’s what’s really important. I managed to talk about this with the owners of Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch SE, and, as expected, they all consider the function useless and unnecessary. I assure you, these guys just didn’t have normal hours.

I tried wearing the SE for a week, and during that time I really missed the cool thing about my 5 Series watches. One has only to put on a premium line of watches at least once, and everything becomes clear at once. No more jerking your wrist every time to find out the time, date or weather. All this is available in any case.

Those who have used Always On at least once will never give up this feature again.

The next difference between the lines will be IP6X dust protection . In a recent selection of cool Apple Watch accessories , many of our readers confidently stated that watches don’t need more durability. Many people use watches even in metalworking factories and do not experience difficulties. Therefore, I consider the new standard to be purely marketing features.

One of the really important differences is health control . Starting with the Apple Watch 4, the flagship line contains key features – ECG and oxygen saturation monitoring. It is clear that COVID-19 will not go anywhere in the near future, and such sensors will be relevant for many years to come. And if you have health problems, Apple Watch 7 has no options.

Monitoring your blood oxygen saturation is more than just a toy.

In general, my subjective opinion reads: if you had the idea of ​​buying a watch from Apple, you need to run to the store right now and boldly buy yourself an Apple Watch 6 until they are disassembled. The price for them is now small, most of the functions are available, they look stylish, fashionable, youthful. But not everyone will agree with my point of view. So, the journalist AppleInsider.ru Alexander Bogdanov considers SE to be a more profitable purchase .

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Should you buy an Apple Watch 3

Apple Watch Series 3 appeared back in 2017. So that you understand how long ago it was – along with this device, Apple introduced us to the iPhone 8, and children born at this time already know how to talk. By 2021, they are already extremely outdated . Old display with large bezels, plastic back, lack of many dials and new features.

See how the display diagonal is different between Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 7.

To give you an idea of ​​how small their display is, imagine: Apple Watch 7 has exactly half the diagonal. You can, of course, say that the device is perfect for those who are just getting acquainted with Apple technology and have not previously used the company’s gadgets, but this is also a lie.

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If you buy yourself the third version, then you will simply be disappointed in Apple, you will not understand all the magic of the company, and then you will write in the comments under the post that Amazfit Bip is a thousand times cooler and there is simply no need to overpay for the apple logo.

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