Where to see my search history on Instagram?

The Instagram app has browsing tools that help its users view their search history . Even though its main service and objective are photos and videos, these functions are well optimized. One of the options that we have available is to delete Instagram history .

On different occasions, users must resort to the help of the exploration tools that Instagram has. Search history is great for getting a searched user, post, hashtag, or location before it’s hard to remember.

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  1. Steps to view Instagram search history on mobile app
    1. Enter the ‘Security’ section in configuration
    2. Find the history in the ‘account details’ tab
  2. Where else can I see my Instagram search history?
    1. In the Instagram app for PC
    2. From the Instagram website in the browser
  3. How to clear Instagram search history?

Steps to view Instagram search history on mobile app

On various occasions, users of the platform must resort to its tools when wanting to see the searches made. Whether it is to view or delete Instagram history, registration and recent activity such as a location, a hashtag or a specific publication.

A record of recent account activity can also be found in the search report. There are two ways to access search history and activity log on Instagram.

The first option is found, which is to access from the ‘security’ section in the account settings. There is also another alternative recently added, which allows you to see in more detail the activities and search history from the ‘account data’ tab.

Both options have different steps to access this information from the Instagram social network on mobile devices. The purpose of the history is to help users to remember and get results achieved before and that they may not remember.

Enter the ‘Security’ section in configuration

To see the search history from this option on Instagram, you only need a mobile device. The main step is to enter the application, once inside, scroll to the profile section and touch the three stripes.

Once the options menu is displayed, click on the configuration tab and scroll down until you find and select the security section. Inside you can find different configuration options, including ‘Data and history’ .

Select this section to be able to observe the recent information of applications connected to the Instagram user and their history. There you can also keep track of the web pages linked to the profile, and activate or deactivate their permissions.

Find the history in the ‘account details’ tab

Entering the search history can also be done in the following way , it is only necessary to have a mobile device. As a main step, you must enter the Instagram application, once inside, go to the my profile tab.

Now click on the three lines that are located in the upper right part of the screen to open the list of options. Once the menu is displayed, there are different options for the account, select and enter the ‘your activity’ tab .

Upon entering, you can see the different alternatives to manage the Instagram account available in this section. There is photo and video management, user interactions, change reporting and search history .

Once located and entered in the search history, a list is observed where only the references made in the main bar appear. Recently searched users and accounts appear, in addition to having the function of deleting the history to reset it .

Where else can I see my Instagram search history?

People don’t always have a mobile device to access Instagram, so they need to find other ways to do so . You can view your search history from the Instagram platform in your web browser or by downloading its PC app.

The view history feature is only available on the mobile app. These two different ways allow Instagram users to see their search history, but in a less granular way . In addition, it is useful to search for Reels on Instagram. 

In the Instagram app for PC

In case of having the desktop version , it allows its users to get a scant view of the search history. The feature remains limited because it is available in the mobile version and not in the other presentations.

To see the history, it is only necessary to enter the Instagram desktop application, and click on the search icon to display the list. This search history can also be cleared by restarting Instagram Magnifier , either in the app or the web version.

From the Instagram website in the browser

This feature can also be accessed by logging into Instagram on the web , just like the PC version has a limit. When entering using this method, you must use the web browser and enter the username and password on the official Instagram page.

Once inside, locate the search engine and click on it, you can see the search line chronologically. This history has a limit , so the oldest results are automatically deleted.

How to clear Instagram search history?

The Instagram app not only allows its users to view their scan report , they can also permanently override it. It allows you to delete both searches manually, as well as all the history up to date.

To delete individually, it is only necessary to enter the search engine and locate the search you want to delete and click on the X. To completely delete the history , you must enter the search engine and click on see all. Inside, tap on the delete option.


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