Where to learn to program and design apps and games for Android

Surely in recent times, with the enormous rise of the video game industry sheltered by a smartphone market that has taken everything with it in its meteoric growth, you will have heard more than once that programming is a job for the future .

And yes, technology has come into our lives to be an important part of them, and with the smartphone always connected in our pockets, the only certainty is that learning to program makes us protagonists and not just users or spectators of the advance of the market of consumer electronics.

Thus, many are those who want to dedicate themselves professionally to the design, development and programming of applications or video games , although in Spain until now it was not too easy to find formal training in this field … And that despite the huge business generated around it!

Fortunately, that has changed with the greater openness of the educational system and the new Official Degrees that have reached a lot of Spanish Universities to nurture the market with brilliant minds specialized in new professions such as programming with mobile devices or video game consoles in mind. , take the communication in social networks of a company or other jobs of this digital age that is still starting.

And if the video game industry grows both in business volume and in need of prepared hands , it was clear that it was necessary to train expert students in programming. Perhaps this is why it seems more than logical to us that an educational center like U-tad already offers a curriculum oriented to video game programming and digital development.

With U-tad you can work in the industry

With an average duration of 8 months, students will be able to strengthen their programming, development and design skills by completing in limited time, as in real life, the projects proposed by the academic producer. They will work hard to get their work done and thus be able to present it to the media and studios such as EA, Mercury, King , etc. With this and, as it is very likely that they will need personnel to start working, interviews are arranged with some of the students participating in the projects.

Where can I train as a mobile application and video game programmer?

Well, if you are already clear that your thing is to develop apps or games to feel part of the advancement of mobile technology, looking for a University where studying well-oriented digital development is becoming easier.

There are several entities that offer similar study plans, and even most of the Polytechnic Schools of the public educational system have in their training catalogs the Software Engineering career.

However, becoming a Software Engineer will surely involve acquiring very broad knowledge in countless fields, which will probably prevent the student from fully specializing in video game development.

This is what U-tad , one of the leading University Centers in Spain in terms of digital skills, has tried to alleviate , offering not only the Bachelor’s Degree in Video Game Design and Interactive Products , but also a complete package of related studies and master’s degrees that supply the market with professionals in the creation of products and interactive content.

Among these postgraduate studies you will find the Professional Master in Production Management for Animation, VFX and Videogames , with a high quality training program that will give you the necessary knowledge to specialize in digital animation and in the management of videogame creation projects.

A master’s degree that offers face-to-face and online modality, with 600 teaching hours and which you can find out in full at the following link , where the list of teachers and professionals in charge of teaching is also available .

In a center like U-tad you can develop your concerns using the best tools with a versatile training plan, learning alongside recognized professionals and with the possibility of working as an internship in the best companies in the sector thanks to the agreements reached by the school .


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