Where to get iron ore (Iron Ore) in New World

We recently talked about where to get flax , one of the most essential materials in New World . Iron is also necessary at first. From it you can craft tools, weapons, ammunition and armor. This guide briefly explains how to mine this resource.

How to make a pickaxe in New World

Before you start mining for iron, you need to get a  pickaxe. In order to create the most primitive level 1 tool, you will need:

  • 1 unit of wood (wood);
  • 1 unit of silicon (flint)

You can make a pickaxe in the workshop, which can be found in any settlement.

This is what a level 2 workshop looks like.

You must always have a pickaxe with you if you plan to mine iron.

Where to find Iron Ore

For ore you need to go to the mountainous region of the map. Keep in mind that the higher the terrain, the higher the chance of finding a vein, so feel free to climb the hills. The veins themselves look like rather unsightly large dark gray stones sticking out of the ground.

You will have to search for just such stones

The mining itself is simple. Press the action button while equipped with a pickaxe. At the same time, remember that an iron ingot is obtained from three units of ore, so mine immediately as much as you can carry.

Where can you get iron ore

How to make bars in New World

It’s just that you won’t be able to craft equipment from ore. To begin with, the raw materials should be turned into ingots, and the smelting station (Smelting Station) will help in this matter . They are found in almost every settlement. Since iron is a lower tier material, any smelter in the game can be used to produce it.

The places where metal can be smelted look like large furnaces, from which a column of smoke emanates. They are located mainly in open areas (that is, not indoors). In addition, they can be found on the map, where smelters are indicated by the symbol in the form of a stove with a pipe.

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