Where to find Kecleon in the new Pokémon add-on

If someone has asked you to photograph something that can become invisible, you will understand the pain of taking a photo of Kecleon. This Pokémon is great at hiding, but it’s not perfect. Here’s everything you need to know where to find Kecleon in New Pokemon Snap .

Where to find Kecleon in the new Pokémon add-on

To get started, head to the woods elsewhere. This is the only place in the game where you can find Kecleon. And as we mentioned, Kecleon has the ability to become almost invisible. Like a chameleon, it can mimic its surroundings, essentially disappearing from sight. But if you have a good eye, you should be able to spot it.

There are two things you’ll notice when you finally spot Kecleon. First, you will see a ghost image or an outline of the Pokémon hanging from a tree branch. It is not easy to see, but you will notice it if you look for it. There will also be a telltale red zigzag stripe hanging from the tree. Kecleon has found a good hiding place, but this red stripe should make his search easier (see image below).

But he won’t be safe once he finds Kecleon’s hideout. You can of course know what it is, but unless the Kecleon camo falls off, you won’t get any credit for the photo.

To make Kecleon more visible to the naked eye (and your camera), simply place an Illumina Orb on it. This will open the Pokémon Color Change (see image below). Now just point your camera and take this photo of this little cheater.

That’s all there is to know where to find Kecleon in New Pokemon Snap . If you’re having trouble finding other Pokémon in this new game, check out our Wiki guide for all the information on the new Pokémon Snap you need.

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