Where to find gunpowder in Far Cry 6

Every weapon upgrade in  Far Cry 6 requires gunpowder. If you love doing upgrades, you will soon start asking questions about where to get it from in such quantities. In this guide, we offer you the answer in three whole ways to get hold of this important material.

Method 1 – FND boxes

Most often, you will replenish your gunpowder supplies from the gray and red boxes that are found throughout the map. The material we need will not be in all of them, of course, but it is better to look into all of them anyway.

This is the easiest way to find gunpowder, which you probably already use.

These boxes are usually found at Yara military bases and liberated buildings. Sometimes they can be found just lying around in the forest. In addition, you can always bribe a double agent who will mark the location of such a container (or several) on the map.

Method 2 – Look for military cargo

If it seems that the boxes, about which it is written above, come across too rarely, then you have not tried to hunt for military supplies yet. There are only 20 boxes with military supplies in the game, but each has much more decent content.

Military supplies will spawn not only during quests to capture military facilities, but also at random moments during the game.

Finding these containers is much easier: if you can see a column of yellow smoke from afar, then move towards it – you won’t be mistaken. True, you should be on your guard, because such a rich prey attracts profit hunters. Try to be there before the rest and get ready for battle.

Method 3 – Complete tasks from the bulletin board

An even rarer way to obtain precious gunpowder is through Los Banditos missions. These are unlockable side effects. These tasks can be taken on the message boards located in Bandido in El Este, Madrugaga and Valle de Oro.

True, to be able to take these missions, you first have to get hold of your team. To do this, you will have to rescue prisoners, whom you can meet at military bases FND and just in the vastness of Yara, while you go about your business. Free and recruit them – then you can join in the fun.

The bandits’ operations cannot be repeated, and they disappear over time. So feel free to check the message boards from time to time. Fortunately, you can immediately see what kind of reward awaits if you complete the mission. If your goal is solely gunpowder, then you won’t have to guess and go through quests in vain.


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