Where to find a faucet in Rust

In the game Rust, it is important to settle not so far from certain monuments, with the help of which it will be possible to constantly obtain certain resources, as a rule – components . Components are extremely important, especially during the construction phase of a home when beds , doors and hatches need to be arranged . But in addition to components, players also mine scrap metal , which will be spent on studying the most important items. It is also worth noting that scrap metal is the main currency in a peaceful city as well as in a bandit camp .

Almost a year has passed since the appearance of modular transport in the game Rust , the game has changed somewhat, and some RadTowns have completely changed their appearance. One of these RTs is the landfill , which is in no way similar to the old version. But not only the appearance of the well-known dump has changed – now it is possible to disassemble modular vehicles on it, receiving precious scrap metal for this, and in addition a few resources . But how do you recycle cars in Rust? For this, a new type of transport was introduced – a crane, with the help of which the processing of machines is carried out.

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  • 1Where to find a faucet in Rust
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  • 2How to use a tap in Rust
    • 1How to turn on the tap
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    • 3Magnet action
  • 3What machines can be recycled
  • 4Amount of resources after processing
    • 1Without spare parts
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  • 5How often the crane spawns in the game
  • 6What happens if you leave the landfill on the crane
  • 7What falls off the tap after destruction
  • 8Secrets and Tips
  • 9How to spawn a faucet in Rust through the console

Where to find a faucet in Rust

A crane in Rust can be found in just one RT – a landfill. It is located right in the center of RadTown, next to a huge recycler for transport.

Crane overview

The crane is a yellow tracked vehicle. The vehicle has only 1 seat for the driver.

For transport processing, a special magnet is used, fixed on the transport cabin.



The crane is not that durable. It may not be as easy to break it as a copter for a beginner player , but if you come under fire, the crane crumbles pretty quickly. A little more than 3 shops from a vending machine will be enough for the transport to become unusable. The crane has a total of 500 units of durability.

Let there be glass in the tap, but do not think that it will save you. Although outwardly it may seem that the cartridges are beating against the glass like metal, in reality they go right through and hit the driver.

Speed ​​is not the crane’s strongest point, but it doesn’t need it. You can get away from the chase, but only if they are chasing you on foot, and even then, if you do not need to turn.

How to use a tap in Rast

How to turn on the tap

In order to start the magnetic valve, it is necessary to fill it. Like all vehicles in Rust, the crane consumes poor quality fuel . 1 hour of continuous operation will burn 1200 units of low quality fuel.

The crane is refueled through the same fuel tank as in modular cars, only it is located on the left side almost in the center.

To start the crane, sit in the cab and press any control button.

View from the cockpit

How to manage

The following buttons are provided to control the crane:

W and S are responsible for bending and unbending the magnet, and when the mode is changed, the same keys are responsible for gas, brake and reverse.

A and D turn the cab or the entire vehicle depending on the steering mode.

The right and left mouse buttons raise and lower the magnet.

Space – exit from transport.

F – turn on or off the headlights.

Shift – change the control mode. To clarify, the SHIFT key must be held down in order for the crane to switch to moving mode.

R – turn the magnet on and off.

Magnet action

The magnet has a fairly long range. It is not at all necessary to bring the magnet close to the transport. You can turn on the magnet in advance and drive up to the vehicle that you want to recycle, and it will magnetize itself.

The operation of the magnet cannot be seen visually. To understand whether the magnet is on or not, listen to the sounds. If only the sound of the motor is heard, then the magnet is off.

What machines can be recycled

As we said above, the magnetic crane allows you to recycle modular vehicles. However, they are not the only ones that can be recycled. Driving through the junkyard, one way or another, you will come across heavily gray pickup trucks, while absolutely all vehicles in the junkyard look completely rusted.

Recyclable pikam

The amount of resources after processing

No spare parts

For each recycled gray pickup, you will receive 50 pieces of scrap metal and 50 pieces of metal. When you recycle vehicles without spare parts, you get 75/100/125 pieces of scrap metal, depending on the frame. Also, for each module you get a bonus in the form of half of the resources spent on crafting the module, that is, the scheme here is the same as that of the refiner.

With spare parts

Even if you install the most top-end spare parts on a modular vehicle, you will not receive any compensation for them, so we recommend that you remove everything except the modules. Also note that if there is fuel left in the vehicle, it will not be returned to you either.

Recycler for transport

How often does the crane spawn in the game?

After the destruction of the crane, he will return to the landfill, but only after a while. As a rule, within 5 minutes after destruction, he is already in place and is waiting for work.

What happens if you leave the landfill on a crane

Nothing prohibits you from leaving the landfill on the crane, although we do not recommend doing this. Of course, you can go beyond the boundaries of the landfill itself, but you won’t be able to go far. As soon as you start moving away from the RT, the magnetic crane will immediately start taking huge amounts of damage, and a notification will appear on the screen so that you return to the junkyard or the crane will self-destruct.

What falls from the tap after destruction

After the destruction of the crane, nothing falls out of it. Here the situation is similar with a minicopter – the transport explodes, leaving nothing in the place of the explosion.

Secrets and Tips

Only modular vehicles and pickups can be recycled. Horses , other animals, air and sea ​​equipment cannot be recycled.

If you end up in a recycler for transport, you’re in trouble. As soon as you find yourself at the blades, there will be instant death. And it doesn’t matter where you were: in transport or outside – death will come in any case.

How to spawn a faucet in Rust via the console

The crane can also be spawned through the admin console. To do this, write the spawn magnetcrane.entity command in the admin console and press enter.

The recycled landfill may be a more popular place now than it used to be. Of course, it will never be popular on modified servers, because the players, in fact, do not move by cars, but only use teleports. However, fans of modular transport can easily recycle unnecessary modules with frames so that they do not take up space in the garage. Yes, and you can farm scrap metal without any problems, since there are already a lot of gray pickups in the Republic of Tatarstan, each of which gives scrap metal during processing.


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