Where to download wallpapers on Android

Finding good quality wallpapers for your phone is an extremely difficult task. It would seem that everything is simple, on the Internet there are a bunch of different collections for every taste and color, on Google Play there are also a huge number of different applications on this topic. However, those who have downloaded the screensaver to their smartphone at least once will understand me for sure. Finding something really worthwhile in the vastness of the network is very difficult. It’s hard not to get lost in a large pile of different solutions. We have tried to understand this issue and are ready to recommend you the best solutions.

The best apps for cool wallpapers for your Android smartphone.

Beautiful wallpapers for Android

The first in our collection will be the Zedge program. Here, in addition to the wallpapers themselves, there is also a bunch of everything: ringtones, icons, widgets, keyboards. It’s hard to imagine any application better than this. Nice and simple interface, a large selection for every taste.

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You can choose from those recommended in the section of the same name or separately by color scheme, or categories. The library is really big here. The developers promise over 1 million wallpapers that will suit every user. It’s also cool that all the pictures are delivered in high resolution, and you don’t have to stretch them onto your screen so that the quality is then lost.

If you were looking for a good wallpaper for your smartphone, I recommend Zedge to you.

Download Zedge

In Zedge, you can set wallpapers directly from the app, which is also very nice. If you don’t feel like doing it now, you can just save the picture. To do this, click on the three dots in the corner and tap on Save. The Zedge app will create a folder in the Gallery where you can go back and set the wallpaper later.

Unique Wallpapers for Android

Walli was voted one of the 10 Best New Apps of July by renowned Android publications Headlines and PhoneDog this summer. I think this already says a lot. All wallpapers presented here are of high quality, hand-selected and created by a separate community of artists from all over the world.

According to the developers themselves, they work closely with specific artists and reward them for your choice. So, by downloading a couple of pictures here, you can make another person happy. It’s not difficult for you, but they are pleased.

Use wallpapers from the best graphic artists along with Walli Wallpapers.

Download Walli Wallpapers

Navigation in the app is quite simple and has three sections: Favorites, Popular and Recent. Finally! – I exclaimed when I first surprised this kind of software. It would seem so simple, but tell me, friends, have you seen a lot of applications where everything is laid out on the shelves? Me not. The Walli rating speaks for itself. Here it is much higher than that of competitors.

Well, if you draw yourself, then in each specific “wallpaper” you can get acquainted with the artist in more detail, inspired by his work.

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Wallpapers for Android in good quality

The developers of this application have focused on the quality of the picture. Wallpapers are strictly selected for composition. Only Full HD and higher resolutions (QHD, UHD and 4K) are allowed. All of them are sorted manually before entering the catalog, which guarantees a high quality screensaver. New screensavers are added every day, so you won’t get bored.

Another problem with all proposals of this kind is the lack of cleaning, and there it is. One way or another, there are moments when the developers overlooked, and the picture was uploaded in a bad format. This is what feedback is needed for. The application team assures that the images are thoroughly checked by ratings and are removed as soon as an error is found.

In the Wallpaper HD application, you can find many high quality images.

Download Wallpapers HD

If you are the owner of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip , then there is a small bonus for you. The program promises that it will fit any picture exclusively to your size, so you definitely shouldn’t worry about this topic.

If you are attracted by live wallpapers, then this function is also present here. You just need to specify the source and the auto change interval, then the program will do everything for you. Just add them to your favorites, mark the appropriate item in the settings and enjoy. The selected screensavers will now be installed alternately on the home screen and on the lock screen.

Wallpaper in Material You design

The Tapet app team went in a very interesting way and declared themselves as the first app that automatically creates high quality wallpapers for your device in the spirit of Material Design. By the way, we wrote about the appearance of the “new Android” earlier .

An interesting feature, as for me, is the random selection of the screen saver to the taste of the developers. Admit it, because most often we change the wallpaper because we want to see something new in our life, to change it at least a little, and not because we just can’t find a suitable picture.

In Tapet app you can find Material You wallpapers.

Download Tapet

Effects such as blur and saturation are available in the application, which should be to the taste of many. Whether you will stay with Tapet for a long time or will use it often, I don’t know, but it’s definitely worth a try.

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Honestly, I would be glad to make the TOP 15 of the best applications, but, alas, there are no such number of high-quality solutions in the store. Be sure to try one of the 4 options on your device, and then unsubscribe in our Telegram chat or in the comments below. I think that you will be able to find something to your liking.

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