Where can I use the explosion effect in Adobe Premiere?

The animated explosion effect in Adobe Premiere is one of the most used in animation, it is an effect that looks like a bomb explosion, from which smoke spreads, but in an animated way. Many cartoons use this effect for their animated content.

To make the animated explosion effect in Adobe Premiere you have to use some tools of this program, and here we will explain the process step by step, as well as we will talk about where this effect can be used and what other programs have it.

How to make the animated explosion effect in Adobe Premiere?

To make or use the animated explosion effect in Adobe Premiere , the process is extremely simple. The first thing you should do is search your browser for the animated explosion material you want to use; you can search for different types of animated explosion and download them.

The reason for downloading several animated explosion files with a format that works for Adobe Premiere lies in testing the effect , if you want to try different animated explosions to see which one the effect looks better with, we recommend then downloading a pack of at least 6 or 8 effects.

Once you have the animated explosion pack downloaded, what you have to do is open the program on your computer. Being inside, you choose and center a base image , or background, which can be an object from which you want the explosion to emerge, and you put it on your worksheet.

Then, to make the animated explosion effect you have to open the folder where the downloaded explosion material pack is located, and with the mouse you will only drag one of them to the Adobe Premiere program.

In this way, the effect will be added to the worksheet that already has a preset background and object, and you just run the project to see how the animated explosion will look.

Where can I use the explosion effect in Adobe Premiere?

If you don’t like the explosion effect in your Adobe Premiere project, then you can try another material from the pack that you already have downloaded; And that’s what it’s all about, applying an effect that you really like and that works for what you’re using or creating.

Using the animated explosion effect can be used for different tasks or projects. You can use it as an Adobe Premiere editor to put it in a cartoon that you are creating , in its different scenes.

You can also use the animated explosion effect to add a touch of fun to the videos you edit; many YouTube characters use it to make their video edits such as gameplay or dynamic explanatory games.

And you can use the animated explosion effect for different purposes, like making a video for a social network , or for fun yourself. You can also play with other tools and together make a GIF or moving image.

If you want to go further, you can also use Adobe Premiere’s animated explosion effect and add sound to it ; for that you must learn to synchronize the audio and video in the program.

What other programs allow the explosion effect of Adobe Premiere?

Now, this effect can not only be applied to Adobe Premiere, in fact there are many alternative programs to Adobe Premiere that can perform this effect, and they also have incredible tools to use. 

Shotcut is one of the most used programs for video editing ; We also have the Hitfilm Express alternative for this purpose. However, these are programs that can only be used for a fee.

However, there are others that are used to edit videos with effects similar to those of Adobe Premiere , which have no cost.

Among the free programs to edit good quality videos we have three main ones. One of them is Audicity , which stands out for the quality of its audios and arrangements.

On the other hand there is Sodaphonic, which has simpler functions, but can be used from the web browser. And the third is Ocenaudio, which will surely do a lot for the animated explosion effect with audio.


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