Where are the WhatsApp photos, files and videos stored on my Android cell phone?

In the new digital age of messaging and technological devices, there are a number of people who can be confused with the use of the applications, or there may simply be people who want to better understand the operation of either their devices or the applications, and it is not for less, since knowing the small details of cell phones can help users keep them in good condition , especially for those who want to free memory on their cell phones .

And in the case of Android cell phones, whose older devices can contain very complicated and exasperating problems with the storage and handling of applications, generating the need to control the use of applications, especially the most used applications on the cell phone. as can be the case of WhatsApp in the majority of Android users.

It is simple to know where the files are saved

Android cell phones allow the user to enjoy an accessibility that other devices barely allow, especially by giving access to the cell phone files, where there is too much information from all the applications, normally the use of this section varies from device to device although all have Android, so in general lines it works as follows:

  • It must be located, either in the application menu or on the home page, or Home, although some devices have an applications folder with the device tools .
  • Once located, it is normal to recognize it by its name, which can be “my files” or “documents” or “administration” or it simply has the logo of a folder, or folder.
  • When entering the application, you have to select the ” system administration” or “storage” tab , where there will be an option of the cell phone, or phone, and the possible SD card that the device may contain.
  • Entering the phone system, you have to locate the folder called “WhatsApp” , which will have three different folders inside it called: “Backups”, “Databases”, “Media”, with Media being the one of interest .
  • Inside the folder there are folders that organize all the multimedia files such as photos or videos, gifs and audios.

With this information, any user can plan what they need, depending on the folder, different documents may appear, be they mp3 videos or audios, word documents, PDF or text, or even photos, although there may be documents that require certain applications to its use, but knowing where it is stored it is possible to move the documents, either moving the music to an SD card or the photos to the computer.

Where to locate files in other applications

When it comes to locating documents and multimedia files on Android, it is also feasible to search for other applications , so it can be useful to analyze these options as well. When looking for the photos, it is easy to search in the Gallery application, where there will always be a folder with WhatsApp files, although it will show all the files from the first downloaded, just as in the same Gallery there will be another folder with the files. application videos.

When you have to search for audios, voice messages sent by users that are shown as files unlike voice notes, these can be found in the Music application, usually called “AUD” and followed by a series of numbers, it is It should be noted that the audios, or voice notes, can only be found in the application or in the documents already mentioned.

Unlike these options, documents written in Word or Excel or PowerPoint presentations require applications capable of reading these documents, or the respective official Microsoft applications, but if it is necessary to find the files, it can be done within the chats in the “Multimedia files” tab, in “documents”, or also in the applications that read this type of document, the files will appear.

The importance of this option

Most of the times, users who require the use of this option do so due to storage problems, either to eliminate junk files in bulk, find out the weight or size of the files, although this can be done in other ways , and also the sort the files in other places, being a very recurrent option to transfer the WhatsApp files to the computer. All of these options can help users better understand their devices and use them smoothly .


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