Where are the New World servers and how do they work?

In this article we will talk about the servers of New World , this incredible video game under the MMO mode that  explores a supernatural world full of adventures . You will be able to enjoy it and have the opportunity to form teams with other players to make this experience much more fun and dynamic.

This game was recently launched by the Amazon Games company as a new proposal and has amazed and intrigued a large number of people in the gamer world. Now,  where are the New World servers and how do they work?  It is a question that many of its users have asked and that we will answer in the next few lines. The most important points and frequently asked questions that your players may have will be addressed.

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  1. How many servers does New World have and what is their capacity?
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  2. On which server do you play New World?
    1. What are the servers where Spanish is spoken?
  3. Will it be possible to move characters from one server to another in New World?

How many servers does New World have and what is their capacity?

While it is true that the number of servers available  at the beginning caused great dissatisfaction among the community of users who wanted to play New World without complications, since the time they had to wait was endless. Faced with criticism and objections, its creators have been in charge of solving this problem by adding more servers.

These servers are distributed among the different regions so that in this way they can enjoy the experience of playing New World without having to wait for too long. Today, each server  has  the  capacity to host more than a thousand users .

Next, we mention the regions of the servers that are available, according to the information provided by the website of this video game:


The servers in this region are primarily intended to host users located in the eastern part of the United States and currently  have  157 servers  available .


For this region that groups together several areas of South America. Currently, a total of 35 servers are available, currently it is the region with the fewest servers.


In Central Europe there are a total of  203 servers , a much higher number than in the rest of the regions, since in this case it serves a large part of the continent and, therefore, the number of users who have joined is higher than that of the other regions.


As for this region, made up mainly of Australia, 40 servers are available, which you can join if you wish and you are within those geographical limits.


At the moment, it has 49 servers  for users in the western region of the United States, so it is ideal for players who are close to these areas.

On which server do you play New World?

Although there are numerous servers available divided into several regions, depending on the part of the world from which you are, the truth is that  you can play New World from any server , the one you prefer. However, the ideal is that you do it in one close to your geographical location, since otherwise, you could present some connection problems, which would reduce the quality of your experience in this fantastic world.

You should consider that if for any reason you come across errors, these should not necessarily be related to the server. It may also be due to an error installing the New World .

What are the servers where Spanish is spoken?

As we already mentioned, you can play New World from any server, but if you are looking for a specific one where Spanish is spoken,  the good news is that there are several available  in different regions.

In these servers you can share with other Spanish-speaking players: US WEST has Liliput and Rarohenga servers for you, in US EAST you can find Silha and Bilskirnir, while in CENTRAL EU the servers where this language is spoken are Bengodi, Kor and Kvenland. Finally, in SA EAST you can find Irkalla, Tuma and Svarga. At this time there are no servers available in AP SOUTHEAST where Spanish is spoken.

It should be noted that the biggest attraction is being able to buy and sell on New World while playing with people from all over the world.

Will it be possible to move characters from one server to another in New World?

After everything you’ve read in this article, you may be asking yourself this question. This possibility has been something that many of the New World players have been waiting for, since this option would allow them to be able to interact with their friends. However, unfortunately this is not going to be possible. Despite what was initially thought,  its creators have announced that  the option to move characters from one server to another will not be available , at least for the moment.

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