Where are Minecraft games and worlds saved on my PC or Android?

If you are going to talk about category titles sandbox, it is obvious that Minecraft will come to light, since it is literally the king of them (if you don’t have it, download it right away from its page ). For this reason, its community of players is growing, which makes it imperative that tutorials have to be created for them. With that in mind today you will see Where are the games and worlds of Minecraft saved?

Where are Minecraft Games and Worlds Saved on my PC or Android?

And, knowing the location of the save folders is one of the main things that must be learned when starting the title. Because no one wants to lose a world in which I spend hours working, just because they had to change their PC or mobile suddenly.

In the same way, knowing the location of the folders, you can install mods in Minecraft on Windows 10 PCs , or download and install maps and worlds .

Where are Minecraft games and worlds saved?

First and before starting the process that will help you find out where the Minecraft games and worlds are saved , you have to know that the locations are very different on PC and Android, so each one will be explained separately.

Now, the folder will always be in the files of your PC or mobile, since it is generated in them when saving a game, the name of this section is Saves and it can be found with a specific path.

In the event that you are a PC gamer, you will have to perform a different search depending on your operating system. However, there is one trick one that works for all of them; To achieve this, you must first go to the game and open it, once inside click on the ” Texture Packs ” button that appears on the home screen.


Then click on the option “Open texture packages folder” , within this go to the directory at the top and enter the folder “. Minecraft ”. In this there will be another folder that bears the name ” Saves “, there are all your worlds (in case it does not come out, which is very unlikely, you should specifically look for how to find and access the .minecraft folder , because you must have some mistake).


What you read above will allow you to get your folder on any system, but in case you want to use another method that does not include opening the game, you have to do the following:

If your operating system is Windows, open the run dialog box and type in % appdata% \. Minecraft \ saves \ map, then hit Enter. This will take you to the desired route.


If your PC is a MAC then go to the finder and there go to ” Go “, then to “Go to folder”, in that last section write ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft / save s and then hit Enter.


In the event that your operating system is that of the penguin, go to the cd terminal or the address bar of the file manager, in them place ~ / .minecraft / saves, and voila, you will be in the desired folder.

Where is the folder stored on the mobile?

As you had read previously, the same folder is also generated on mobile phones, but in these it is searched in a different way, so to fully answer the question Where are Minecraft games and worlds saved ?, You have to know this path.


Take into account that to access the folder you must have a file explorer installed on your mobile as an explorer, if that is the case then follow this path: /sdcard0/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/

With it, you should be able to reach your saved worlds to be able to do whatever you want with them, such as: importing them to another mobile, or creating a copy of them on the PC.

Regardless of the reason that led you to look for your folder, with what you read you will be able to do it in any version of the game , so the question Where are the games and worlds of Minecraft saved? Has finally been resolved. So you can now recover your world to play offline, or else play multiplayer or with two or more people .


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